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Need a new toy to run with in the shadows, chummer?

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Apologies for so many updates. I have been optimizing things and adding stuffs.
This weekend, I will be adding a fomod installer so I can compact how many download buttons show on nmm.
I started to think with all the updates and people having to redownload, it might cause some frustrations.
Bear with me as this has been my most successful mod and I have been learning how to make it a better experience.


Thanks to all of you who have downloaded and to those of you who have endorsed my mod!

This has really encouraged me to continue working on shadowrun stuffs.


What is this mod?

This brings an Ares Predator V to the wastelands.


Because I wanted one.





Now on Bethesda

ArmyAJ28 really wanted it for his console as well and since he was nice about it, I let him port it over to that site.


Where can I get one?
Via console command, xx000FA7 or that new mod that lets you parse esp's
(I am unsure if its as easy as finding and looting it).

I plan to make it craftable in workbenches and maybe create a custom cell down the road with SR related goodness.
Now craftable at the chemistry station under utilities and can be found in Jamaica Plains.
Leveled list is still planned. I'm reading there is a way to inject via scripts, so I am looking into that method.


Are more mods planned?
Yes. I want to get the standard mods that the 10mm offers. All mods but the barrel mods are in (if I do this, it will be custom meshes)
I also have a custom laser sight I am looking into adding a "beam" to make that immersion factor pop. Now working (planning on alternate colors).
Looking to get compatible with see through scopes. I could be wrong but that scope may not be available for the 10mm.


I want to thank flipdark for helping me figure out some texture issues in the ck/nifskope.
Thanks to tapioks for explaining how the texture maps work.
Thanks to Sean_s for currently helping me figure out the whole laser beam thing.
Thanks to Pixelgamer for the awesome video! (it looks so beautiful!!)


Not thoroughly tested, bugs may occur.


Ya baby! hot files status!

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