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This mod adds a new merchant to your game, along with a script to automatically add all Armor and Weapons from your chosen modlist to his merchant inventory

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Sick of using console commands to acquire items added in by other mods? Wish you could access ALL your modded weapons and armors in one place?
Dont like to cheat them in and would rather cough up some cold hard cash? Then this mod is for you.... read on!


Odds&Ends for Skyrim


I realized I had an older version of FO4Edit and some of the filters for non-playable had changed.
The SCRIPT will now properly filter out any weapons or armors flagged as non playable, as well as filter out any armors that dont contain either HUMAN race or DOGMEAT race. Ive excluded any other races, but can add some back in by request, or add a new dialogue option to
let the user choose to include non-human armor/clothing. Give feedback for this please.

What is it:

EDIT: In a nutshell, it adds a vendor that will sell weapons and armor from any other mod you have installed!

This mod aims to provide a way to add all of your mod-added weapons and armors to your game without the need of console commands, or needing to meet perk requirements for crafting.
First, it adds an NPC to your game (Mr. Darius in Goodneighbour's Hotel Rexford).
The mod also adds a script that will let you generate a patch (or ammend a previous patch) by selecting
the mods you want included and scanning them for any WEAP or ARMO records before copying them to the merchants inventory container.
The script is very easy to use (see Instructions) and is easily updated upon adding new mods. If you remove mods
it is also very easy to simply delete the patch and regenerate a new one without having to redownload this mod.


MXPF Framework (See Note below)

This mod relies on MatorTheEternals MXPF framework, essentially this is a library of pre-made functions for FO4Edit that saved me a tonne of time by shortcutting to his functions rather then having to code them myself.
MXPF was designed to work for Skyrim's TESVEdit however the functions I have used will work for FO4Edit without errors.
Follow his install instructions, HOWEVER, instead of copying to TESVEdit directory you will be copying to FO4Edit directory.
Even if you already have the MXPF framework for Skyrim you will STILL need to copy it to your FO$Edit directory aswell.


Installation video here thanks to Nozi87

Step 1:
Read the requirements above and be sure you have installed FO4Edit as well as the MXPF framework.

Step 2:
Download BOTH mod files from this mod page. Odds&Ends_BASE and Odds&Ends_SCRIPT.

Step 3:
Install Odds&Ends_BASE like you would any other mod, set its load order to be at the bottom
NOTE: This mod does not necessarily have to be at the bottom but it DOES need to be below any mods that add WEAPONS or ARMOR that you
will be adding to the merchant.

Step 4:
Extract the contents of Odds&Ends_SCRIPT and copy the .pas file into your FO4Edit Directory under the "Edit Scripts" folder.

Step 5:
Run FO4Edit, leave the default selection (all active mods) and wait for it to finish loading.
MAKE SURE that Odds&Ends_BASE.esp is definitely checked as active, if its not then be sure to tick it.

Step 6:
In the left window panel, right click on any of the plugins and choose "Apply Script".
This will bring up a popup dialogue. Use the drop down menu and navigate to Odds&EndsScript.pas, and click OK.

Step 7:
You will be prompted to either generate a NEW patch or to ADD to a previous patch, If this is the first time running it then you will simply choose YES (NEW). The NO (ADD) option is for those who want to add more plugins to their patch without re-selecting their old ones.

Step 8:
You will then be presented with a popup GUI to select your mods. This is up to you, I would advise against picking any of the vanilla or DLC plugins, as this will severely crowd the NPCs barter list (just means it will take you a long time to go through whats for sale).
If you previoulsy selected to ADD to an existing patch, re-selecting a mod that you previously added will create duplicates.

Step 9: 
Click OK and let the patch run.
If this is your first time running the patch your will be prompted to give the plugin a name.
You can name it anything but I suggest something like OE_Patch. This will only happen the first time running it.
When it is done (You can see its status in the message window) you can simply close FO4Edit, a window will appear with the name of your new plugin and a checkbox, be sure this is ticked and hit OK, if you havent checked the box then your plugin wont be saved.

Thats it!
You will now have TWO plugins:
and OE_Patch (or whatever you named it).
The patch MUST be placed after the BASE esp and BOTH esp's need to be active.
Failing to activate one will either result in CTDs before main menu, or the NPC merchant having an empty inventory.

Further Notes:
Ive tried to be very thorough in my above instructions but I'll try and add any other helpful tips here.
This script will add masters to itself, this means the patch will now rely on other mods to work, if it cant find those mods (if they have since been removed) then this mod will crash to dekstop at the main menu. To fix this, you can simply delete the patch and generate a new one. The BASE esp is never changed so you dont need to re-download this mod, just re-run the script to generate a brand new patch.

To ADD mods, simply click NO (ADD) when prompted after running the script, the rest of the instructions are the same, however note that re-selecting a plugin that youd previously added will result in duplicates. 

At the moment, the merchant has no Gold, this is because the script runs a line of code that clears the inventory container before it attempts to add anything, so to add merchant gold I would need to add it dynamically from the script. This is something I am currently working on.

Credits & Thanks:
I have to say a MASSIVE thank you to MatorTheEternal.
Not only is he responsible for the incredibly useful MXPF Framework that this mod utilises (and requires)
But he also put up with my constant barrage of stupid questions, and graciously helped me through the whole way.
As much as I'd love to take credit for this mod, It simply would not exist without him, the idea for the mod was mine, but
the coding for the script was mostly his code with some tweaks by me.

Also a shoutout to TeamBacon who created the NPC Darius for me while I was troubleshooting my CK installation,
And Scmiddty for finding the fix for said CK issues (all working now!).

Also a huge thanks to the team who developed XEdit, the authors of utilitys like these often dont get the credit they deserve,
but without them we would all still be playing vanilla games.