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Super small mod that adds an automatic workaround to the Fire Support quest's glitch of everybody acting like they're still in combat after the enemies are all dead (a.k.a. glitch where Danse keeps repeating "Check your fire we've got hostiles!")

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This mod automatically bypasses the Fire Support bug that happens when you kill all the enemies at the Cambridge Police Station, but then Danse and the other BoS respond to you like they're still in combat. People seem to think the issue is caused by either waiting too long to do the quest or letting the scribe get knocked down during the fight. Most of the other workarounds out there either rely on specific dialogue options later in the game or directly forcing the quest to the stage where Danse doesn't use those lines any more. From what I've heard, they also work just fine.

That said, it turns out that Bethesda already had a safe workaround for this issue in Creation Kit, so they must be aware of the problem and working on it. All this mod does is change the Danse's "Hello" topic info for the quest ("Check your fire we've got hostiles!") to only activate when the player is in combat. Then it adds a blank "Hello" to the quest with a script fragment that activates Bethesda's built-in workaround to the issue when you try to talk to Danse outside of combat.

If the bug isn't present in your playthrough, the quest will continue and the mod won't do anything.

If you'd rather not install as a mod, the workaround can be activated by simply using the console command (without quotes): "Setstage BoS100Fight 1"

Unintended Consequence:
Theoretically, if the player somehow became out of combat in the middle of the fight, you could skip the rest of the fight by talking to Danse during this time.