About this mod

Legendary Overhaul is a mod that aims to create a more diverse set of legendary effects by adding a variety of interesting, powerful, yet balanced legendary effects into the game. So far there are a total of 51 effects associated with the mod.

Permissions and credits
Don't download the mod from here, use the above link.
If you want to upgrade from this mod to the new one without losing your legendary items you can. Follow the instructions under "Installation."

Mod Description

Legendary Overhaul is a mod that aims to create a more interesting gameplay experience by adding a variety of powerful yet balanced legendary effects into the game. So far there are a total of 51 new effects associated with the mod. You can view the full list of new effects here. Legendary Overhaul doesn't delete or change any legendary items you may have already collected in your playthrough of the game. It does, however, temporarily stop some of the less interesting vanilla legendary effects from appearing while the mod is active. This mod does require AWKCR to function properly. All aspects of the mod are described below in detail. Legendary effects are craftable but have special requirements.


As several tests have indicated and many complaints have implied, this mod is not fully compatible with Legendary Modification. I am currently working on figuring out what exactly is causing this, but I'm not sure why you would want to run these two mods side by side as this one is an improvement on all the vanilla legendary effects and has its own more balanced crafting system. Other than that, I would only expect conflicts with mods that affect the legendary spawning system directly or changes the way legendary enemies function. Any other mod should be alright but please let me know if you notice an incompatibility and I'll post it here.

Updating & Uninstalling

ATTENTION: Before updating or uninstalling the mod make sure you unequip any Legendary Overhaul effects from the player or any NPC you can and then SAVE after. Then you can replace the current version with the new version (if updating) or remove the current version entirely (if uninstalling). In Hardcore Survival mode Exit Saves will work fine. This prevents some attribute bonuses or scripts from lingering permanently during the transition period or after uninstall causing unwanted bonuses or backlogging your memory. You should ALWAYS do this when uninstalling any mod that has effects attached to an equippable object.

To update: simply follow the process above and select the desired version of Legendary Overhaul. You do not need to use the Uninstaller to update to v2.0 or higher from any version.

To uninstall v2.0+: Just uninstall through your mod manager or manually remove the files from your Data folder.

To uninstall other versions: 1) Download the uninstaller and add that to your load order. 2) Load up the game and unequip your legendary items as instructed above. Save the game. 3) Remove Legendary Overhaul (not the uninstaller) from your load order. 4) Load up the game and then save. That's it, now you can remove the uninstaller from your load order.


Legendary Overhaul crafting is a bit different than other mods. You aren't able to craft everything right away, so when you install the mod no recipes will show up. This is for two reasons, first because it doesn't make sense for your character to know all the legendary effects if they haven't seen them yet, and second because you'll need a specific "Legendary Chip" for each legendary effect that you can only get by scrapping a legendary item that already has that effect.

When you scrap an old legendary item you will only get that effect's chips. This is important to note because you will need X-Cell in order to re-attach those chips to a new item. If that item is already legendary you'll only need 1 X-Cell, but if it's not legendary you'll need 10. Don't worry though, because you can get X-Cell from killing legendary enemies. You can also craft X-Cell at the chemistry station with special components found only from legendary enemies.


Feedback is extremely important with this mod. I am a modder, not a player, so I rarely actually enter Fallout 4 unless I have to test something out related to a mod. This means I have limited actual gameplay experience with Legendary Overhaul. This is why feedback is important. I need to know which effects are too strong, which effects are too weak, and which effects could be improved to better match the player's gameplay needs. Balance and quality are the two major areas I am focusing on in this mod and as a result I need to know when something doesn't meet certain standards. Please post any comments or concerns in the comments section. If you have any bugs to post make sure they are occurring in the latest version.