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You now require an empty bottle such as beer, Gwinnett variants, Rum, Vodka, etc to craft a Molotov Cocktail. Plus I have made a small tweak to items needed.

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This is a small mod I made for myself as it always bothered me that empty bottles were not required to make a Molotov Cocktail. So this mod requires an empty alcoholic bottle (Gwinnett variants, Whiskey, Vodka, Beer, etc) for crafting them.
I have also tweaked the recipe slightly as follows:
1 x Adhesive
1 x Bottle
1 x Cloth
2 x Flamer Fuel
1 x Oil

I have put a prefix in front of the empty bottles so they are grouped together.
The Empty bottles will be in your Junk inventory.
They will not be scrapped as glass automatically when constructing something else, however you can scrap them as glass in a workshop area if you drop them and scrap them off the ground.


I am using the mod Immersive Water Bottle Recycling - My mod below in load order with no issues, although load order may not be of any concern.
I am also using this mod with Valdacils Item Sorting - My mod below in load order with no gameplay issues. There will be differences with the prefix and inventory location (depending on the plugin used).
I have used FO4Edit (thank you).

Hope you enjoy.
If you do, I have another mod BottleCap Mine Needs Caps.