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HUD when you need. Hide when you don't.

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THIS MOD IS NO LONGER SUPPORTED. Please use Immersive HUD (iHUD) HUD instead.

This mod attempts to hide the HUD as much as possible without interfering with your game play. It is not as elegant or powerful as the full Immersive HUD mod will be, but it does not require F4SE and thus can be released now, and is compatible with consoles.

What does it let you do?
1. Hides the HUD and lets you set the circumstances under which it re-apears.
2. Lets you set up situations where just the compass (and action points) appear.
3. Toggle the HUD with an in game item. 
3. Toggle the compass with an in game item. 

Mods that change the HUD (e.g. DEF_UI) will probably over ride this mods removal of the dot crosshair. This cannot be fixed in the LITE version of the mod. All other functions will work, but the dot crosshair will not be removed by iHUD. So both mods work well together as long as you don't mind the dot :)

Known issues and limitations
1. This version of the mod uses the same functions the game itself uses to show and hide the HUD, therefore you will sometimes see the game turn the HUD on in some instances where you don't want it to, and then the mod turns it back off. This is unavoidable with the LITE version of the mod.

1. Click the Download with Manager button in the files section to download to NMM.
2. Activate the mod from the mods tab.