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xSHADOWMANx or Sumwunn at github

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Enables achievements in Fallout 4 when using mods. This is designed to be version independent. No F4SE needed. Not NMM compatible.

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I am aware of the other mod that also enables achievements, however I wanted to create my own version that's F4SE free.
Thanks for understanding.

This cannot be installed with NMM, it will cause issues. You must install manually to avoid all issues.

My mod will not work with the VR version. Use this instead:

FO4VR Mod Achievements Enabler

What is this?
It's a plugin I made that re-enables achievements while using mods by patching Fallout4.exe during runtime. It's designed to be version independent.
It also works on already modded saves!
No more achievement warnings, no more [M]!

How to install
  1. Copy all the files from the download to Fallout 4's root folder (where Fallout4.exe is, refer to this if confused).
  2. Optional. If you're using True 3D Sound, first rename its dll to True3DSound.dll, download the compatibility file here and copy over it's dll, done.
  3. Read the notes.
  4. Play (you may need to restart Steam for the mod to work).

Install notes
Your mod path should be this after installing:
Fallout 4\AchievementsModsEnabler.dll
Fallout 4\AchievementsModsEnabler.dll_Exports.txt
Fallout 4\DllLoader.txt
Fallout 4\X3DAudio1_7.dll

How to uninstall
  1. Delete AchievementsModsEnabler.dll, AchievementsModsEnabler.dll_Exports.txt, X3DAudio1_7.dll & DllLoader.txt from Fallout 4's root folder.

How do I know if it's working?
You'll get no achievement warnings, and the [M] will won't appear in the saves menu (already modded saves will need to be re-saved for [M] to disappear), alternatively you can check the log just to be sure.

After you've started Fallout 4 (you can alt-tab for this part), In the same folder where you installed the mod, there's a log file called: AchievementsModsEnabler.log
It will either say "YES" or "NO". Indicating whether or not the plugin successfully found and patched what is needed to be. So if it says NO, lemme know!

Will it need updating?
Probably not! I've designed this to be version independent. However in the case that it does, I will have it fixed very quickly. Below is a list of Fallout 4 versions that have been tested and working.

Tested & working versions w/

Source: CODE

  • Achievements are baked into the saves. So any achievement that you would of gotten most likely won't be obtainable unless you load an earlier save or start again.
  • If your save is already modded, you'll have to save again to order for the [M] to disappear.
  • This will not get you VAC banned in any manner as Fallout 4 does not use any anti-cheat.
  • If the mod is not working, try restarting Steam and/or your computer.
  • This is NOT NMM compatible. It must be installed manually.
  • This does not use F4SE. It will also not conflict with it.
  • Written in C++/ASM (Visual Studio 2015 & HJWasm).
  • The Dll loader can actually be used to load any dll into Fallout 4.
  • If you so happen to be using my SteelSeries plugin (from Bethesda's mods forum), be sure to combine the contents of DllLoader.txt so both mods load.

Bethesda for Fallout 4. (https://store.steampowered.com/app/377160/)
Microsoft for Visual Studio 2015. (https://www.visualstudio.com/)
The HJWasm devs. (https://github.com/Terraspace/HJWasm)