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A high resolution retexture of the assault rifle. Adds new Diffuse, spec/gloss, and normals maps. Given the name "AR-51" it is made to look more like a worn Black AR-15 Styled weapon. Retextures the weapon and modification parts.

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AR-51 Assault Rifle Retexture

Hello again! Here is a retexture of the assault rifle I did. It adds brand new Diffuse, Spec/gloss, and Normal maps. I retextured all of the mods for the weapon aside from the reflex sight because that is used on the 10mm pistol as well. I wanted to give the weapon that standard issue "black rifle" look while still maintaining that grime/rusted look. I really hope you guys enjoy the new look of the weapon! 

Feel free to let me know what you think! Thank-you for visiting.

"Robot Armor Retextured"

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