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About this mod

Adds six uniquely textured power armor frames to specific places in the Commonwealth.

Included scripts can also be used as a modder's resource.

Permissions and credits

Before updating to version 1.2 from an earlier version you need to get your character out of any of these armor frames, or you will be stuck when you try to get out.

NPCs seem to be fine, but for safety you should get them out too.


Adds six themed power armor frames to specific places in the Commonwealth.

  • A military frame in Fort Strong's nuke storage room.
  • A winter military frame in the BADTFL office's evidence locker, because I couldn't think of anywhere else to put it.
  • A construction machinery frame in the Corvega Assembly Plant's final assembly room.
  • A cleaner looking frame in Cambridge Polymer Labs director's office.
  • A dark steel coloured BOS frame in the Cambridge Police Station garage.
  • A blue coloured Minutemen frame in the Caste tunnels.

Now with a patch for Buildable Power Armor Frames.

Uninstallation notes

If you wish to uninstall this mod you must remove anything you find valuable from anything added by the mod, including any characters you don't want to permanently metamorphose into a mid 2000's poseur creation.

Known Issues

None, at the moment

Mods in screenshots

F4 Power Armor Overhaul by ZephyrWarrior

Operation Anchorage Power Armor by niceguyhenry


-Added Minuteman Frame.

-Fixed destruction of Fusion Cores when already low on them, probably.

-Hopefully fixed the random en-purple-ing of power armor pieces and fusion cores.

-Added BOS Frame.

-Initial Version