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Major rework of the Hacking system.

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Do you find the vanilla hacking system a little underwhelming? Would you like to avoid the mini-game without feeling like a cheater? Enter Hacking 101!

Hacking Perk:
Hacker 1 - Hack any terminal, Craft Auto-Hack Device, Apply Auto-Hack Device to Novice Terminals
Hacker 2 - Apply Auto-Hack to Advanced terminals
Hacker 3 - Apply Auto-Hack to Expert terminals
Hacker 4 - Apply Auto-Hack to Master terminals

Craft Auto-Hack at Chemistry bench, under Utility (Until better solution is found)
Using Auto-Hack earns no experience. (But crafting the device does.)
Auto-Hack recipe requires 1 circuitry, and 1 Microfusion Cell