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Mod Name:Midwestern Power Armor
Category:Power Armor
Models\Textures - NewerMind43
Base Esp file - unoctium
Bug Fix and mani improvements - captain-ultima
Screenshots - 83Willow and Corfus



For this update, i would suggest pepole fully remove the old one before installing this one
1.removing FO4Edit errors
2. Revamped Folder Structure to be more clear.
3. Meshes have been cleaned and Re-Named to match more closely to the way Bethesda names them
4. Custom Jetpack.
5.Reworked Camo,Winter and VaulTec textures

1. Added Brotherhood paint back to the armor, this paint is special, it will fully change the name of the armor to Midwestern Brotherhood
instead of adding a prefix to the armor.
2. Winterized paint has been added.
3. Upgrading the armor to Mk. VI will now name the armor piece to Midwestern Advanced instead of Midwestern Mk.VI


some fixes


Updated Hot Road Pink Textures
Add optional esp
(No Lens Flare)

Add missing materials


quick update


1. Minutemen and Railroad Paints Updated to new texture quality
2. Added following new Paint: Atom Cats, Hot Rod Flames, Hot Rod Pink, Hot Rod Shark and Institute


1. Some more unnecessary entries in the .esp have been removed or replaced with working ones.
2. All Meshes, textures and .esp entries have been tested, no errors were found and in game everything works.
3. 4 New paint jobs have been added: MIlitary Camo, Vault-Tec Blue, Minutemen and Railroad (Railroad and Minutemen Require to be aligned to
that faction)
4.Full reworked all textures


quick update
Version 1.2

1. Naming issue is fixed, Armor is now Called Midwestern and the name does not dissapear - Issue was names in the .esp were in wrong place
2. Jetpak No Longer dissapears - Issue was Body mesh was missing CPA file only had CPT
3. New headlamps are added - All colors are now available and headlaps now use T45 lights for better compatibility
4. Black Knight Paint now adds the Black Knight prefix to the armor when painted.
5. Other mods to torso have been restored, lead coats, tesla coils and such are now available again.
6. When you now remove mods from torso you no longer get X01 mod instead, all miscmods have been replaced with correct ones
7. Some material files have been adjusted to Midwestern Armor, they were using X01.
8. .esp has been cleaned, there were some entries that were not needed so they were removed.
9. Restored the Missing GO files for Left and Right arm so they can be dropped again.


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