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When fallout 4 first came out and I played through to Concord, I was extremely disappointed at the number of houses you could actually go inside. Boarded door, blocked door. I decided that I wanted to change this, thus creating this mod. I go to those boring boarded houses and make it so you can enter them. The areas I create can sometimes contain

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Hey guys, I don't have the time or interest in continuing this mod, and at first I hid it as I felt bad for keeping it up when I know it has issues that I never fixed, but I've received a lot of messages and kind words from users that expressed sadness at not being able to download it, so I'm putting it back up so you can continue to use it how you like, forgive the issues it has as I'm sorry about not getting around to fixing them, but I simply don't want to mod Fallout 4 any more right now.

This mod is compatible with Beantown Interiors and doesn't require DLC. It doesn't seem to conflict with any mods as far as I'm aware, other than one called Concord+  It also should be noted that when I use BI and this, I have to have BI somewhere below this in the load order so that the vanilla buildings don't replace the BI ones.

Big Thanks to ChuckSteel for helping make this mod compatible with Beantown.

Interiors Added Currently; 9; Most located in Concord, following the road leading from red rocket.

Forgotten Home
Decrepit House
Ransacked Abode (Now near Trashed Living Quarters)
Discount Store
Drifters Settle
Dreary Rest Stop
Makeshift Cavern
Drug Den
Trashed Living Quarters (Back, near the Discount store)

Exteriors Added Currently: 8

Raider Overlook (No Longer has a Map Marker)
Mining Hut
Ned and Shep's Retire Shelter
Sinner's Haunt
Barry's Peeping Hole (Added)
Barry's Temporary Retreat
Rickety Fishing Hut (Added)
Swarmed Cabin