About this mod

An Overhaul Mod for the Brotherhood of Steel, to fix inconsistencies between equipment, and lore in addition to fixing BoS Specific bugs. Changes include-but aren't limited too; NPC's wear the correct BoS Power Armour paint for their Rank, custom PA Rank insignias for those without (based on Bethesda's designs), Plasma/Gauss weaponry as in F03/NV.

Permissions and credits

FAQ: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-23l2Xk0nG-NndjTUF1c2ltUGM


As a result of the changes made in Version 2.6 in order to fix bugs where the correct Power Armour and weaponry weren't being used by quest related NPCs and to avoid issues where upcoming future add-ons might need additional patches to make them work with each other (like how some of the official DLC can cause problems with each other), the mod has had a large number of changes at a base level. As a result adhering to the following is important in order to prevent it causing issues with your game;

  • It is highly recommended you DO NOT install the update on a game file where the Brotherhood has already spawned into the game (aka you have seen the prydwen cutscene). Doing do can result in non-power armoured NPC's unequiping any armour of clothing they may be wearing and very rarely spawn in with empty inventories. There is a solution for those on PC at the bottom of these instructions).
  • Uninstalling this mod after having made a save file where the BoS have been spawned into the game while running 2.6 or later will result in a large number of NPC's forgetting their data and reverting to level 1 or 2 with their name possibly changing to 'Brotherhood Soldier Template.' Non Power Armoured NPCs will also unequip their clothing and armour. This can be fixed on PC (see below).
  • FIXES: - 1. To fix issue 1 the best solution is to open up the console and use 'openactorcontainer 1' on each affected NPC. It is time consuming but will allow you to reequip their clothes and armour as it is still in their inventory.
          -2. To fix quest NPCs spawning due to issue 1 with no inventory, or issues caused by uninstalling the mod. Open the console and use 'Recycleactor' followed by '[Targetid].resurrect' This will respawn them with a new inventory and names from the Brotherhood leveled lists and then reset their ai so they resume with whatever job they were means to do in the game.

    I have to stress that none of these issues are bugs with the mod. They are simply a result of the game finding data it was relying on having changed and not being able to work out how to fix it. It's a little inconvenient but is the price for having the immersion granted by this mod.

Quick Summary of above
If your current version is 2.54-Can be installed and uninstalled at any point.
Current Version 2.54 updating to 2.6-Caused issues from point 1 if the Prydwen has already arrived.
Uninstalling 2.6 after updating-IF you have saved after updating then uninstalling
will not revert the issues now present in the save mentioned in point 1.
If you haven't saved then the last version linked to the save file is
2.54 and all will be fine.
Installing 2.6 before the Prydwen arrives and then uninstalling after-will cause issues mentioned in point 2.

    Power Armour:
    -Brotherhood Soldiers with Power Armour now wear rank appropriate paint and insignias.
    -Rank Insignias added for Knight-Commander, Paladin-Commander and Star Paladin Ranks (Based on designs in-game and in the Art of Fallout 4).
    -Power Armour Paint ranks have been redone to include the new paints-Goes up to 'BOS X' (Elder).
    -All Power Armoured BoS Soldiers now wear the BoS Hood under their Helmet.
    -Power Armoured BoS Soldiers will only spawn with the Rifle versions of Laser and Plasma Weaponry.
    -Power Armour Frames now show the Bos Combat Uniform and Officer Uniform underneath when in third person.
    -Brotherhood Paint for T-45, T-51 and T-60 unlocked with the rank of Knight.
    -Brotherhood Officer Paint for T-60 unlocked with the rank of Paladin.
    Brotherhood T-45 and T-51 Paint Jobs added (use Temporary Paint Jobs-to be finalised in a future update).
    Brotherhood T-60 Paint Job added (Knight paint without rank insignia).
    -Brotherhood Officer T-60 Paint Job added (Paladin paint without rank insignia).

    Clothing & Armour:
    -BoS Combat Hood added to the game (can be worn with the Combat Helmet).
    -BoS Soldiers wearing Combat Armour now have a chance to spawn wearing a BoS Combat Hood in addition to the Combat Helmet.
    -The Orange/Grey BoS Uniform has been renamed to 'BoS Recon Uniform'.
    -The Green/Grey BoS Uniform has been renamed to 'BoS Combat Uniform'.
    -Elder Maxson’s Armoured Coat now has an Energy Resistance of 50 in addition to its physical resistance.
    -Lancer-Captains now use a new Lancer Officer Uniform which uses the BoS Officer Uniform base instead of the Recon Uniform base.

    -Heavy Weapon Soldiers of Paladin Rank or higher, have a chance to Spawn with a Gauss Rifle.
    -Brotherhood soldiers of Knight-Commander Rank or higher, have a chance to spawn with Plasma Weaponry.
    -‘Lancer Captain Kells’ has been renamed to ‘Lancer-Captain Kells’, to fit with the other Lancer-Captain ranks.
    -‘Knight Sergeant Gavil’ has been renamed to ‘Knight-Sergeant Gavil’, to fit with the other Knight-Sergeant ranks.
    -Knight-Sergeant Gavil now has a minimum spawn level of 25 to keep him in line with the other Knight-Sergeants that can spawn in the game.
    -Knight-Captain Cade now has a minimum spawn level of 33 to keep him in line with the other Knight-Captains that can spawn in the game. As a result, he is also no longer Capped at Level 15 due to using the Scribe level template in the vanilla game instead of the soldiers one.
    -Vertibird Health,Damage Resistance and Energy Resistance have all been doubled.

    -The bed by the player chest in the Prydwen is now set as player owned so NPC’s should not sleep in it. NOTE: unlike the chest it is currently not renamed to ‘player’s name’ bed.
    -Lancer-Captain Kells' and Proctor Quinlan's beds are now marked as owned by them.
    -The Workshops on the Prydwen now have their inventories linked.
    -The Workshops at Cambridge Police Station now have their inventories linked.

    -Proctor Teagan also now sells:
     Bos Hood.
     BoS Combat Hood (for use with the Combat Helmet).
     BoS Combat Uniform.
     Scribe Armour's and Headgear (Field,Science and Engineer).
     Lancer Uniform and Helmet.
     Gauss Rifle (Once Tactical Thinking is completed).
     All T-60 Power Armour mods-excluding Material Mods (Medic Pump once ‘Liberty Reprimed’ is completed).

    At Paladin Rank:
     BoS Officer Uniform.
     Lancer Officer Uniform.
     Plasma Weapons and Mods.
     Fat-man and Mini Nukes (with Player level 17+).

    At Sentinel Rank:
     Gauss Weapon Mods.
     T-60 Jetpack Mod.

    Bug Fixes (Vanilla Game):
    -T-60 Power Armour now uses the correct mesh for Bright and red headlamps (Originally used T-45 so paints wouldn't apply to it).
    -Vertibird Pilots now use the Lancer Uniform instead of the BoS Uniform (They originally had both in their inventory).
    -Fixed an issue where the BoS Officer Uniform showed the Orange/Grey Sleeves when in first person.
    -Fixed an issue where BoS Recon Uniform didn’t appear correctly underneath in third person when in a Power Armour Frame.
    -Fixed an oversight in ‘The Lost Patrol’ Quest, where one of the dead BoS Members is wearing Initiate Power Armour. Changes the Armour to use Knight paint due to Elder Maxson later saying you must be a Knight to use Power Armour.
    -Fixed an issue where Proctor Teagan has 2 sets of Railroad Spikes in his Vendor Inventory instead of the T-60 Power Armour Mods.


    Optional Files
    DLC Patches:
    Automatron Patch-Out Now
    -Applies the name changes for the BoS paint jobs to the Tesla armour pieces.
    Far Harbor Patch-Out Now
    -Applies the Power Armour and equipment changes to the Brotherhood members in Far Harbor.


    Improved BoS - Rank Paints-Out Now
    -Allows of Player use of Knight Sergeant and Knight Captain Paints upon achieving the Rank of Paladin, and Paladin Commander and Star Paladin upon reaching Sentinel. Purchasable from Proctor Teagan for 3000 caps.
    Improved BoS - Rank Paints
    (Unrestricted)-Out Now
    -Allows the Player to use all BoS Paints from Initiate to Elder from the start of the game with no restrictions. Excludes Knight, Paladin and Sentinel which still need their quests completed to unlock.
    Improved BoS - Pre-War Gauss Rifle-Out Now - (Requires the Gauss Rifle Prototype from the Creation Club)

    -Adds a Pre-War Gauss Rifle to the BoS based on the ones in Fallout: New Vegas (can be bought from Proctor Teagan). Also removes the script adding the Prototype Gauss Rifle to all vendors.
    Improved BoS - Sentinels of Steel-Out Now- (Requires Sentinel Control System Companion from the Creation Club)
    Improved BoS - Varied Power Armour-Out Now
    Improved BoS - Marine Armour-Out Now

    Upcoming Optional Files:
    All information below is subject to change
    Improved BoS-Rank Paints (Quests)
    Improved BoS-Military Standards
    Improved BoS-Rank and File