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Are you into Islander Booty?
here you go.

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This is just a patch for No Negative Affinity to support new Companions Old Longfellow and Porter Gage from Far Harbor and Nuka World DCLs.

It does need original No Negative Affinity MOD, It will only show message but will not modify vanilla affinity value if you dont have original MOD.

Options Available-:

No Negative Affinity ( No Message.)
No Negative Affinity ( No Fucks Given.)
Negative Affinity is Positive Affinity ( Changes Negative Affinity to Positive.)
Super Affinity (10x Affinity Value, also changes Negative Affinity to Positive.)
Coast Want that D ( No matter which action you do Old Longfellow will idolize you.) (Use if your character is male.)
Coast Want that Ass ( No matter which action you do Old Longfellow will idolize you.) (Use if your character is Female.)

If you want to use No Negative Affinity Vanilla version you dont need a patch Original Mod do all the work.

Make Sure you Install same plugin as the one you chose in original No Negative Affinity. Or messages and change in affinity value will be different.

My Other MODs-:

Power Conduits and Pylons Overhaul ( SKE available) (Big shout-out to Timmster the MOD is maintained by him)
Power Conduits and Pylons - Passive Power Radius increase
Working Ice Cooler

Old Longfellow preset used in screenshots is the one I made for myself, cause original Old Longfellow looks like fairy tell grandpaa. Isn't he supposed to be most skilled and fierce Hunter on Island? So I made him a bit worn.
It is available to download in misc section if you like. It has 2 options with and without outfit changes.

Option 1: No Outfit Changes: Shouldn't have any problems, Needs Lots More Facial Hair
                                            and Lots More Male Hairstyle.

Option 2: Outfit Changes: Outfit Changes wont appear if you already mate Longfellow.
                                       It will work on new games or you will have to equip them manually.
                                       Needs Rad-Ban Eyewa
re Inc. and Facial hair and Hairstyle mod mentioned above 

Patch is compatible with Visible Companion affinity, just make sure to load this patch after Visible Companion affinity.

Please Upload Screenshots of this MOD with both Companions. I need Some Great Screenshots for featuring here on page and also making a better Installer.
(My PC is Garbage as you can see.)