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Adds Automatron parts to vanilla bots' inventories. You can scavenge and use them in your custom automatrons.

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 Automatron for All

By default, Automatron bot mods can only be found on the Mechanist's and Rust Devils' robots. By creating custom leveled lists and adding them to the inventories of the vanilla robots (Mr. Handy, Assaultron, Sentry Bot, and Protectron), this mod rectifies that.

- All parts are only the "stock" or "factory" parts, as these robots are mostly stock, pre-war versions.
- Only robots inheriting their inventories from the base templates will have these in their inventories
- If you find robots that consistently don't have the items even if they should, let me know so I can patch it
- Only includes most basic Protectron parts. I made this hastily, and I might add more depth to that later. There are a lot of Protectron parts.

Rare Version:
In the rare version, there is only a 25% chance that anything is going to drop as opposed to 75% in the default version.

As of v1.1's initial release, the rare version will no longer be updated.

None known. If you find any, please report them so I or the other authors can look into them.
v1.1 should enhance compatibility significantly.