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This is my latest dungeon, there i was testing how do create a quest and new retextured items/objects.
Quest about finding an item for Dr. Waters.
A new Dungeon level 30a40 + with some loot at the end.
New retextured Gear (full armor set and Cap) (Does not replace anything).
lots of Mirelurks!

Permissions and credits
This adds a new dungeon near Mahkra Fishpacker Area  with small story about how it ended like it is and a quest..
Still learning the Creation kit , so if you see any flaw or error just report it :)

This is the official site for my mods, if you get it on other site i haven't given permisons, i will not give support.

------NEEDS Far Harbor EXPANSION ------

LATEST VERSION: V6f ( Better performance and fixes for latest F4 version/dlc)


Its my Third Dungeon mod to fallout 4

This adds:
-A new quest
-A new Dungeon (Submarine Base Echo)
-A new retextured Set of armor and cap.(scattered around the facility with legendary mods and stats)(Male and female can use it)
-Small back history about the place from prewar on 2 terminals around the dungeon.
-Mirelurks, because... you know you like them.
-Added markers by popular demand , you dotn want them?, uncheck quest and explore :)

At  the end you have some reward and a boss.
i recommed level from 30 to 40+ and some  rad-x/radaway.

Note to Survival mode users:
You may find that dungeon a challenge... or maybe not :)

Ok, How the hell do i start the Quest?
-Dr. Waters its on the Science! Center on Diamond City and will give you the quest and details.
(Go to Valantine detective agency and follow that way, then take the first way to the right, first door (blue)

Where is The Submarine Base?

Well i can tell you but this breaks the exploration part dont ya think, Dr. Waters gives you some directions... if not 
check down there.

South of Mahkran Fish Packer


Any mod that modify that area only (Mahkra Fishpacker Area.) 

Compatibility patches:

Valdacil's item sorting by takatoriyama:

Use NMM or put the content of the rar inside your Fallout 4/Data folder.


Put this after any mod that modify Commonwealth like my other mod National Guard Depot Omega and U.S.N Boston Dreadnought.

known issues:

-No sound after the boss battle? save and load game again (Reset game), physics sounds error << (MAY OR NOT HAPPEN)
-Can't Skip Dr. Waters dialogs!: Thats game related, if you dont have voice files you can't skip dialogs.
-Dr.Waters dont give any quest! :  V2 already fixed this.
-Loot respawn whatever you exit a zone (fixed with v3).
-Dr.Waters has No dialog?, try activating Subtitles this mods needs it.
-The Entrance is Invisible?! there is a floating door: you need to load this the last mod on the load order in case you have any other mod that modify Commonwealth world.

Found a bug /grammar error or typo?
-Report it and i will fix it.

-There are no enemies on the pics Ferengario!: Thats why i made them before putting them,
i dont want to spoil, as the dungeon its bigger than whats show on pics.
-But Ferengario! should the base be completely flooded? No!, they used to flood the Drydocks to let submarines get out/in and then just dry them again, sealing the dock first of course,The system that keep the base dry it's still functional. (those vents on ground)!
-Ferengario, why  the dive helmet can't be used with the armor Helmet on? i tried it but i has clipping issues even being vanilla models so. no it can't. sorry
V1: release
V2:  fixes the quest not triggering after speak with Dr.waters.
V3:  Hopefully will fix the loot respawn issue. it will respawn(mirelurks included not boss)if you do the dungeon before taking the quest or after the 3 days respawn.
V4: Adds quest markers.
v5: Adds skippable Dialog to Dr.waters and fix some typos(10 secs to read and they will auto skip, you can force skip them too.)
v6: Better performance and fixes for latest F4 patch.
v6 NF: Location name fixer. (hopefully)

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Have fun!
and endorse if you like it for more!

Credits: Bethesda for this awsome game that is fallout 4.
Mod & custom assets  made by me.
Wan't to use this mod, modify it or translate it ? please leave me a PM asking permissons here on nexus.