Functional Washer - Wash Dirty Clothes by Oakland Elliff - Pronounced Oak Lend Eliph
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Added: 30/05/2016 - 04:47AM
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About this Modification:
Functional Washer
Functional Washer - Wash Dirty Clothes is a simple modification to add cleanliness to the wasteland. The washing machine is simple, you'll need the Science! perk and a fusion core as well as several other components and voilà you have a brand new washing machine to use for your entire settlement. Over thirty articles of clothing you can wash! You'll find the Functional Washing Machine under the Resouces > Miscellaneous tab.

Additional Information:
This modification was my first "popular" mod and it got me featured on several foreign websites. The big update for this mod actually fixes a bug Bethesda has made as well, you see clean variations of Vault Suits exist in the game files but they are just placeholds and actually do not give the player a clean variation of that Vault Suit. This mod readds those Vault suits and also adds all prewar or clean variations of existing clothing in the base game. 
This modification is available to PC, Xbox One and PS4