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The toggable stealth effect from the Chameleon armor mod draws AP when moving.

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Stealth Field Stability

Want to be a sneaky snake, but your social anxiety is makes you feel everyone is looking at you... judging you with their judgey eyes?

Who did not love the Chinese Stealth Suit FO3, or the the Advanced Stealth Suit from Old-World Blues?  An always-on stealth field is definitely OP, and an only-on when not moving is nigh useless, so drawing upon the limited stealth fields from Project Nevada, I came up with some middle ground that feels right and won't break the balance.

What the Mod Does:
You're able to move and keep the stealth field up, scriptlessly!
  • When stealth running, the field will draw your AP to remain stable.  When your AP gets too low, it the field will drop.
  • And it gets better; the AP draw gets lower the more ranks in Sneak you have, with 5 ranks being roughly half of the AP draw when sprinting.
  • Effect is toggleable depending on whether your weapon is drawn or not.
  • Also, the field is perfectly stable when stealthing and walking, no AP draw; feel free to crawl your way through anywhere!
  • Check the video for a demo!

Note: For preexisting chameleon armor pieces, you'll need to stand (e,g, no crouch), remove the armor piece, then put it back on to get the effect to work properly.

FOMOD installer; use NMM/Vortex to install/uninstall.  

  • This mod alters the Legendary Chameleon armor mod effect, so place this lower in your load order if you have other mod that affect this.
  • I did not alter the Sneak perks at all, so any mod that changes their effects would be OK, but I did use their standard CK IDs, so any mod that would alter their IDs in the CK, or remove ranks would be affect how this mod works.
  • I did not alter the chameleon MGEF entry, so any mod that alters that should be compatible; I did reference its ID though, so any change to this would affect this mod.
  • Completely compatible with any item sorting mods (I recommend VIS) and AWCKR, since no base items are altered.

Console Availability:
XBox-  https://mods.bethesda.net/#en/workshop/fallout4/mod-detail/1774433

Complementary Mods:
No Chameleon Sound- https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/26648

Version History:
1.0, Initial version:
Effect does not start till the 2nd rank of Sneak.
AP draw at rank 5 roughly 1/3 of sprinting.

Effect starts regardless of ranks in Sneak.
Balanced AP cost at all Sneak ranks; no ranks in Sneak has a very large AP drain, and 5 ranks has roughly half the AP drain of sprinting.
Fixed a bug where if you were under a temporary stealth effect, AP will still drain.

Added effect to power armor stealth field mod, by request.

Lesser draw at lower Sneak ranks; reference graph for duration vs ranks in Sneak for different Agi scores.
Effect is toggleable!  AP draw when sneak-running will only activate when your weapon is drawn.  When your weapon is stowed, chameleon will drop when moving faster than walking, but no AP draw.

Fixed bug with losing stealth while stealth-walking.

FOMOD installer.  Optional activation method; either with weapon drawn, or weapon holstered. 

FOMOD installer.  Added a version C; cheaty no-AP drawn option ;)

Fixed FOMOD installer issue for associated with version C.

Future versions and fixes:
Having the effect outright togglable, so you'll become visible with any movement.
Adding an AP draw when shots are fired, with AP amount dependent on perks/weapon configuration.  I have stopped working on this feature.  Getting the game to accurately and consistently draw AP on firing a weapon is sketchy at best; broken at worse. Sorry to those looking forward to it  :(~
Adding audio effects when you're low on AP; I want to duplicate the heavy breathing the characters does when low on AP and sprinting.
Adding a visual effect when the field drops; as of now, there is no imagespace effect when it drops.

Feedback is always welcome and don't forget to endorse!