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Displays the location, cell form ID, target object form ID, and position and angle of target object. Most useful for modders / developers.

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Description:  Adds a craftable "aid" item to the Chemistry Workbench, under the "Utility" menu.  Once you have this item in your inventory, assign it to a Favorite slot, or to a slot in registrator2000's FO4 Hotkeys.  Then whenever you activate that slot/key, a message box will pop up displaying the location, object targeted (FormID), position (x,y,z) and angle(x,y,z) of target.  Write down the numbers and/or take a screenshot, then whenever you are in the CK next, you can use this information to find objects and places you are interested in viewing / editing.  Voila!

Selection Order:  First priority is an item that the player (you) has grabbed.  If none, then second priority is the object selected in the console (prid).  If still none, then the last priority is defaulted to the player (you).

Now Includes:  Cell Marker!  Mark the current cell with easy to see Warehouse Posts.  25 posts in all, marking the center and all four sides of the cell (outside only).  Create with the holotape found at the Chemistry Workbench.

Requirements:  Fallout 4 version 1.10.120, Contraptions Workshop (DLCworkshop02.esm), and
Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE) version 0.6.15

Compatibility:  Compatible with EVERYTHING, with or without any DLCs.  Place anywhere in your load order.  Doesn't matter.

Special Thanks:  A very special thanks to
CDante for giving me some hints and pointing me in the right direction.  Definitely check out his mods and endorse any of them that are useful to you!