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Your reputation will now be determined by your actions and how well you manage your settlements. Earn the respect and trust by helping people and be a good ruler of your settlements, or be shunned for the opposite actions.

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  • Mandarin
Similar to Guard Dialogue Overhaul in Skyrim, this mod aims at improving the immersion of generic dialogues. It modifies a great lot of generic dialogues' conditions and frequency of appearance.

Biggest feature:
Your reputation is determined by your actions and how well you manage your settlements. If you've provided your people what they need, you will earn their respect and trust; if not, they will start to be discontent with you and show that through words. If you've done important things or are helping specific organizations, people might praise and adore, or fear and shun you. Your character will now have determining impact to your experience with other people in the game.

As the leader of the Minutemen and manager of the settlements, you are supposed to be respected, or at the very least, treated as a friend when the settlers are content with their living condition. It does not make sense that the settlers treat you as an outsider, even when they know you and are happy with their home.

In this mod, I removed the unimmersive dialogues as well as adding new ones, respective to the condition (mainly happiness) of the settlements, your relationship with certain characters and completion of certain quests. Now, the settlers would be more grateful to you if you make their settlement a decent place, but would not be unimmersively rude to you; guards would be more respectful if you have done important things.

Also, I fixed some problems (or at least I think they are "problems") regarding the triggering of certain dialogues. Now, settlers will not repeatedly talk about the Abernathy tragedy which becomes old news very soon, and they will not "want the Minutemen back" when the Minutemen are already back.

I've changed more lines than what I mentioned, including the generic lines of BOS, Institute scientists, settlers, guards and more. Please feel free to find them out and report any issues/bugs/problems you find regarding the generic dialogues (settlers, guards, Institute scientists etc). I will be more than happy to fix or improve them.

This mod does not touch scripts or world data, so it is definitely safe to use.

I plan on expanding the lines in the future, perhaps even cut and editing some lines to increase the dialogue variety.

Fallout 4

Please feel free to translate my mod. I hereby grant you all permission to translate it from now till the end!

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