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"The Collector's Guides" will add the item [The Collector's Guides] inside the player inventory which can start the following quests:
- Guide: "Astoundingly Awesome Tales" magazines
- Guide: "Grognak the Barbarian" magazines
- Guide: "Guns and Bullets" magazines
- Guide: "Hot Rodder" magazines
- Guide: "La Coiffe" magazines
- Guide: "Live & Love" magazines
- Guide: "Massachusetts Surgical Journal" magazines
- Guide: Miscellaneous Bobbleheads
- Guide: "Picket Fences" magazines
- Guide: "RobCo Fun" magazines
- Guide: S.P.E.C.I.A.L Bobbleheads (+ "You're special!" Book)
- Guide: "Taboo Tattoos magazines"
- Guide: "Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor" magazines
- Guide: "Tesla Science Magazine" magazines
- Guide: "Total Hack" magazines
- Guide: "Tumblers Today" magazines
- Guide: "U.S. Covert Operations Manual" magazines
- Guide: "Unstoppables" magazines
- Guide: "Wasteland Survival Guide" magazines

"The Collector's Guides Far Harbor Addon"
- Guide: "Islander's Almanac" magazines

"The Collector's Guides Nuka-World Addon"
- Guide: "SCAV!" magazines

The guides are added in the player's inventory post-war, shortly after the player exits the Cryo Pod inside Vault 111 (or immediatly if the player has passed that stage already).

By clicking on a guide, the player can choose to start the associated quests or to remove the guide from his inventory.
Once the quest is started, clicking again on the guide will give the option to stop the quest permanently.
If all related quests are completed, the guide will be automatically removed from the inventory.

Each associated quest provides map markers to find its objectives.

WARNING: Due to the non-modifiable way objective screen updates work, it's recommended once you choose to start one or more guides, to let appear all  all the objectives screen updates before performing an action that might trigger screen messages. Starting many guides at once is OK because this mod manages its own screen update messages.
However triggering screen updates not related to this mod while the guide initial objective updates are still not done might cause the following temporary visual issue: Some objective updates might be queued and will appear the next time the screen update is triggered by anything.