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Addon to Elys "The Collector's Guides" to add a quest for the magazines contained within lautasantennis' "Erotic Art"

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This Mod Is an Expansion to the Mod "The Collectors Guides" By Elys, Which adds a New Guide quest to the game to help in finding the 28 magazines added to the game by the mod "Erotic Art" by lautasantennis.

Starting The Quest

As With The original "collectors guide", you will receive the book "TCG: Erotic Art" upon leaving Vault 111 (or immediately upon installing if the player has already left the vault). Opening the book within the pipboy will allow you to start the quest. You can also use the book to stop the quest, Or Remove the book from your inventory.

Upon starting, quest markers will be added to the map for all current books.

This mod (or rather the original collectors guide, required for this to work) can break precombines, so it is recommended to put this as high in your load order as possible to avoid this issue.

WARNING: Due to the non-modifiable way objective screen updates work, it's recommended once you choose to start one or more guides, to let appear all  all the objectives screen updates before performing an action that might trigger screen messages. Starting many guides at once is OK because this mod manages its own screen update messages.
However triggering screen updates not related to this mod while the guide initial objective updates are still not done might cause the following temporary visual issue: Some objective updates might be queued and will appear the next time the screen update is triggered by anything.
(Copied Directly from the Collectors Guides Page)


Elys For the collectors guide
lautasantennis for the Erotic Art mod


23/05/2020(2): release of AIO version of collectors guide compatible version
23/05/2020(1): Initial release