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Enable fast travel in survival mode, easy to use, install and work. **NO console OR new game required**.

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This mod simply makes the fast travel available in survival mode. 

Installing: enable mod with NMM or manually put it in data folder etc..

Works with all DLCs.

Known conflicting mod(s): 
Horizon - Survival Mode Expanded (user reported it will work with the sfe.esp load after this mod)

Or any mod made changes to fast travel system.

Or if you are using Survival Options, you don't need this mod at all.

No need to use console command or start a new game to make it work. (That's why I made this)

Uninstalling: disable mod with NMM or delete the SFE.esp.

There's a string which every other modder set it 0 or 1 in esp, but the game doesn't work that way since the value is only decided when the save is loaded, hence you have to type in command every time. I just deleted that string and you can fast travell like non-survival (but still not indoors or limited areas). Upon uninstalling, the string will be restored and the no fast travell will be restored next time you load the save. So it's safe to use.