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Because, let's face it, everyone knows you secretly want to romance him... and now you can!

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This mod allows the player to romance Nick Valentine. Our aim when making this was to match the original vanilla romances in style and feel, to create something that integrates as seamlessly as possible into your Fallout 4 game.

It supports both male and female player characters, is fully-voiced using dialogue carefully pieced together from the vanilla game, and is lore-friendly.

There are no special requirements for this mod, other than a legitimate copy of Fallout4.esm.

For version 1.1, it is strongly advised that you use this mod on a new game, or with a save where you haven’t raised Nick’s affinity or completed his personal quest. Version 1.2, however, has now addressed this issue - please see the F.A.Q below.

This mod is compatible with everything except other mods that alter Nick’s dialogue.

This mod must be placed after other mods that alter dialogue, such as Full Dialogue Speech, in your load order.

To Download with a Mod Manager
Click the ‘Download with Manager’ button at the top of this page or in the files section to download it through your mod manager. Remember to activate the mod from the mods tab once it has been downloaded.

To Download Manually
If you prefer to install the mod manually, download the file and extract its contents into your Fallout 4 data folder.

Simply deactivate the mod in your mod manager. If you have downloaded the mod manually, then just delete this mod’s files from your data folder.

Version 2, which we are working on now, will address a bug at the end of Nick's final approval conversation that may cause dialogue to loop, and will include additional dialogue.

Q: Is this mod available on Xbox One/PS4?
A: Yes.We have also released this mod on Bethesda.net with the express purpose of making it available to console gamers. You can find a link to the PC version here and the Xbox One version here. At the time of this writing, Bethesda has disabled mod uploading for PS4, so a PS4 version will be forthcoming as soon as is possible.

Q: Will this mod ruin my player character’s voice?
A: No. The voice files for this mod were created by cutting together dialogue from the vanilla game. Both your voice and Nick's will sound exactly as they do in your unmodded version of Fallout 4.

Q: Is this mod compatible with x or y other mod?
A: Please see our section all about compatibility. If your question isn’t solved there, then leave a message in the forums and hopefully one of us will be able to help you.

Q: Can I use this mod with a save where I have already completed all of Nick's approval conversations?
A: Yes. The current version of this mod (1.2) will re-initiate the conversation that contains the romance the next time you talk to him.

Q: Nick Valentine is just a machine/should not be romanceable/it’s not even like dating a real man.
A: Thank you for your unsolicited opinion. Nick is not romanceable by default in the vanilla game, so my best advice to you is that you don’t download this mod and move on with your life.

Leave a post on this page and one of us will get back to you as soon as possible.

Almost all of the audio editing, as well as writing the dialogue for Nick and the player characters. Also the first person to actually start to turn the idea of this mod into a reality.

Implementing the romance into the Creation Kit, as well as dialogue writing, audio editing and bug fixing.

Proofreading dialogue, generating .lip and fuz files, general support and feedback.

Dialogue writing, mod testing, bug reporting and squishing, general support and feedback.

Shadowslasher410 is also one of the creators of Scrap Everything for Fallout 4, which you can download here.