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Adds a craftable Provisioner's Ring which can be modified in different ways and used to better manage and track your settlement supply line provisioners

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The Provisioner's Ring

"One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all, and in the Darker Nights...

Better manage your stupid Provisioners!"

─  Features  ─

─  Latest Update  ─

All historical, current and future release changes will be properly logged on the Changes tab above.  Below are the changes for the latest update:

Provisioner's Ring 1.1 (June 5, 2016)

  • Introduced the ability to add a local glow effect on the ring, so the ring itself can be seen clearly in the dark
  • Introduced the ability to add an area glow effect on the Provisioner when the ring is equipped, so you can easily see Provisioners from a distance
  • Introduced the ability to change the intensity of the above mentioned area glow
  • Added custom textures by CommanderMiranda for the Steel, Silver and Gold rings
  • Added support for item sorting mods
  • Added support for AWKCR (requires separate patch)

─  Coming Attractions  ─

Map markers for tracking ANYONE having a Provisioner's Ring equipped (providing much greater flexibility than traditional Provisioner tracking map mods). I actually want to have some fun with this one, so it will likely take longer to implement than originally expected. For example, I want you to be able to equip a master ring which then enables the Pipboy quest that adds the tracking markers. Un-equipping the master ring removes the Pipboy map markers. No holotapes, no terminals, no menus...

─  Requirements ─

There are no specific requirements or dependencies!

I have not yet installed any of the DLCs (purposefully, because I'm preparing a special save game for those in the community interested in that).  However, I don't anticipate any conflicts.  If you find otherwise, let me know in the comments, and I'll update the requirements section as applicable.

─  Upgrading & Removing ─

Please see Upgrading & Removing Provisioner's Ring, under the Articles tab above, for detailed instructions.
This is especially important for upgrading!

─  Installation ─

First, if anyone is having trouble with your "modded" game (CTDs, odd behavior, interfaces not working, etc.) after updating to the 1.5 public release of Fallout 4, please see my detailed instructions for potential help:  Quit Screwing With My Interface.

You are strongly encouraged to use a well known mod manager, such as:

If you CHOOSE NOT to use one of the two mod managers above, then I most likely will NOT be able to assist you with issues - simply because there are too many variables.

Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) & Mod Organizer (MO) Instructions:

  • Download the latest version of this mod using the Download With Manager or Download Manually link.
  • If using the Download With Manager link, install the mod like you would any mod in NMM or MO
  • If using the Download Manually link, download to a location on your computer that you will remember.  Then Import the download into NMM or MO and Activate the mod (method of import and activation depends on the mod manager - see your mod manager's instructions for further details).
  • Under the "Plugins" tab of NMM or MO, find ProvisionerRing.esp and make sure the plugin is enabled (box is checked)
  • If you installed any of my patches (like AWKCR), make sure the patch ESPs are also checked and come AFTER ProvisionerRing.esp in load order

─  Background ─

Do you run across random Provisioners during your wasteland wanderings and find yourself curious where the heck they came from and where the heck they're headed?

  • Do you want to be able to clearly identify them from a distance, even in the dark?
  • Do they get stuck between settlements?
  • Do they just disappear without a trace?
  • Do they take too long to travel between certain settlements for your taste?
  • Do they ever get stuck in water and not teleport out like they should?
  • Have you used great mods like Matzman666's Settlement Management Software, but just don't want to search for a terminal or take out your Pipboy for basic info or tracking of Provisioners while away from a settlement?
  • Have you ever wanted an historical reference of when you have re-assigned or released a Provisioner?
  • Do you just want your Provisioners to have a cool ring?

If you answered YES to ANY of the above questions, then this mod is for you!

The basic premise of this mod isn't new.  At assignment, you give your Provisioner something that can be renamed at the vanilla Armor or Weapons Workbench.  You name it whatever makes sense to you to describe the route they take for their particular supply then, then give it to them (maybe you equip it, maybe you don't).  I used to do this with Walking Canes.  Thought that was fitting for a Provisioner, so I gave them all Walking Canes, renamed to something like "Sanctuary to Red Rocket".  It was simple and it achieved its goal.

But, I wanted more!  A ring seemed like a perfect, re-nameable item, cheap to craft, lore-friendly, immersive, and... waiting to be modded.  Thus, the Provisioner's Ring was born, crafted in the fires of... well... the chemistry station.  :)

─  Issues & Requests  ─

Politely let me know about any issues in either the comment section or the bug section and I'll get to it as soon as I can.  If you have any other concerns, recommendations, requests or even that rare compliment, all are welcome!

However, please be sure you have fully read this Desc tab, the FAQ under the Articles tab, the Bug report list, and my Sticky post before reporting issues or asking questions.  If you don't, and the answer is already available, I will politely remind you of where the answer can be found.  If you're too lazy at that point, don't be surprised if your post gets deleted. :)

In all seriousness, I'm a pretty easy going person and will try to accommodate you as best I can (within the time I have available).  However, I will not hesitate to ignore and delete rude or demanding comments, whether directed towards the mod, myself, collaborators or other posters.

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─  Credits  ─

First and foremost...
Thanks to all of YOU for the views, comments, downloads and endorsements!

Additional special thanks go to:

The tools that made it all possible:

Clothing Mods Seen in My Overview Screenshots

Interface Mods Seen in My Overview Screenshots

─  My Other Mods  ─

If you like this mod, perhaps one of my other mods may interest you as well...

Thanks for trying out the mod - but more importantly, ENJOY YOUR GAME!