Fallout 4

About this mod

Adds new enemies, armor, weapon, masks to the game ! Plague doctors that will hunt you down in you'r nightmares !

Permissions and credits
  • French


This mod will add new enemies to the leveled list. they will aid raiderz and spawn with them.
You will only find them when you are lvl 40 or above.
They are legendary spawns. When they spawn they wont stop attacking you. They dont know fear...
(they are hard but not impossible).
Each plague doctor has a chance to drop there items.
The masks have a 60% drop chance. The armor has 40% drop chance and the cane has a 75% drop chance.
Male and female is supported ! No CBBE support. (can change in the future).
These are based on the plague doctors from the year 1700. they always inspired me. there masks are just creepy.

- White plague doctor mask
- Brown plague doctor mask
- BlackĀ  plague doctor mask
- Plague doctor suit
- walking cane of black death
- Plague doctor enemies

Can i use these in my mod?
No sorry.
Can i upload on another site?
Ask me first.
Will there be more masks/items?
YES ! i plan on adding more masks. and maybe weapons.
Will there be a CBBE body patch?
Maybe... not sure yet.
Why plague doctors?
I love them masks man !

Screenshots are welcome !!!!

Creation Kit
Outfit Studio
Michael 4 for the mask models !!! -> Models

Sorry for the bad english

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