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Just a small mod to summon your current companion to your current location.

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I got so tired of trying to locate my companion, so this item just summons your current companion to your current location.

If everything is working correctly you should automatically receive the item - Sol's Ball & Chain Brew potion.   Assign Sol's Ball & Chain potion item to a favorite key and then while in game running around just press that favorite key.  Your companion should instantly teleport to your location.

v4 Removed the ring, now you just get the potion directly.  If you lose it just save and load your game to get another one.

v3 Started a new game and found out you don't get the item correctly.  This just fixes that issue.  Now you get after opening Vault 111 door.  If you are past that you will just get that item normally.

v2 This change was made so the item could be used in power armor.

Just unzip to your Data directory.  Add to your plugin file as normal.

I updated my Fallout4.ini file section [Archive] entry sResourceDataDirsFinal to contain "SCRIPTS\" otherwise the item might not work.  My entry reads: sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, TEXTURES\, SOUND\, MESHES\, SCRIPTS\.  But others have said this is not needed - leaving here just in case.  If the scripts do not work you will either not get the item or not be able to summon your companion.