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Untouched of war, hidden between mountains you can live in green nature.

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Back to Nature

UPDATE is out NOW!

- Nav mesh (Follower can join but not everywhere)
- The water from the pond is drinkable now
- The pond is bigger and with more detail
- 2 new letters of Dr. ketillion
- Building bug fix is fixed, build EVERYWHERE now 
- Building bug fix in the house is fixed
- Dr. Ketillion lives now and you have to fight
- Alternate version without buildings
- Location music added
- Lots of detail added
- 3 new easter eggs added (good luck with searching)


This mod gives you a small worldspace where you can live, build and enjoy.
Untouched of war, pure nature is growing. A scientist was living there,
but his work went wrong and now, someone else can use this hideout as playerhome.
You can build where you want, inside or outside.

WARNING: If you update from version 1.0 you have to save your stuff


West of Vault 111 is a shack, search for the trapdoor (see screenshot)


- Open worldspace with day/night cycle
- pure nature -> the GREEN one
- an empty house with garden grass for the player
- basic workbenches (armor, weapons, chems, cooking, Power armor)
- atmospheric and detailed wilderness
- fast travel (not in survival mode)
- supports camping ;)


- Fallout 4 up to date
- Advanced lockpicking Perk

Thanks FingrCeaser for the spotlight. My mod starts at 1:40

Future plans:

- Trying to make a better nav mesh


Should be compatible with everything. 
It is an own worldspace, so the only thing which could make bugs
are mods which edit the entrance, the shack where the trapdoor entrance is.


- No replacer is needed or implemented, everything is vanilla Fallout 4
- Other trees of the Commonwealth are untouched and are still dead
- Look at the entrance of the house for a notice of the scientist
- If you use mods which edit the Institut flora, there could be bugs or only changed textures of the flora
- There are 3 special easter eggs, I don't mean the bomb near the house. Good luck ;)