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Removes the dead Raider & the dead dog from the Sanctuary Entrance

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This Mod does remove the dead Raider & the dead dog from the Sanctuary Entrance. I also remove the Tire Iron that was stuck in the dog and also the blood stains on the ground.
This will also mean that you won't be able to get any loot from them aswell.
I recommend activating this mod, after a few days in, kind of as a 'a settler tidied up and put them away to make the settlement entrance look nicer' thing. Also that way you can still get the loot and have the story element or whatever you wanna call it
It just annoyed me that they would despawn and since this is the most used settlement by me I didn't like a dead dog and a dead raider lying in front of the main entrance.
Maybe it annoyed someone else aswell so here you go.

So I made this mod with no modding experience back in the day, it had a deleted records and all, I just ran it through the FO4edit's quick clean thingy, but honestly I don't really care about this mod anymore at all. If it doesnt work for you, please just dont use it, I won't fix any issues. Also there is probably a better mod out there that does the same thing better.