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This mod adds empties for consumables that already had empty items in game. So when you drink a NukaCola you get the cap and the empty bottle added to the drinker's inventory. Etc..

Permissions and credits

From the author of the original Empty Bottles for Fallout: New Vegas comes Empties.

If updating to Version 4. Please remove all files instead of overriding.
I have rewritten some of the scripts and removed others to make it work with nuka-world.

This mod adds empties for consumables that already had empty items in the game. So when you drink a NukaCola you get the cap and the empty bottle added to the drinker's inventory. Etc...


Warm and Cold Versions:
Beer, Gwinnett Ale, Gwinnett Brew, Gwinnett Lager, Gwinnett Pale, Gwinnett Pils, Gwinnett Stout, NukaColas

Blood Pack, Dirty Wastelander, Glowing Blood Pack, Refreshing Beverage, RadAway, Skeeto Spit

Lukowskis Potted Meat

Bourbon, Prewar Whiskey, Rum, Vodka, Whiskey, Wine, Wine Amontillado

Version 2 adds:

Cram, Dog Food, Mirelurk Meat, Queen Mirelurk Meat, Softshell Mirelurk Meat, Pork N Beans, Deathclaw Wellingham, Radstag Stew, Bobrov's Best Moonshine

Addictol, Berry Mentats, Buffjet, Buffout, Bufftats, Calmex, Daddy-O, Day Tripper, Fury, Irradiated Blood, Grape Mentats, Antibiotics, Jet,
Jet Fuel, Med-X, Mentats, Orange Mentats, Overdrive, Psycho, Psychobuff, PsychoJet, Psychotats, Rad-X, UltraJet, X-Cell, X-111 Compound,
Herbal Anodyne,Herbal Antimicrobial, Herbal Stimulant, Waters

Version 2.5

Add support for VIS and made a FOMOD installer.

Version 3:
Add custom textures for empties. Example syringes
Compatibility patch : BIS

Version 4:
Added Support for far harbor and Rewrote scripts to support nuka-world.

Version 5:

New Empties 

Chicken noodle soup (DLC), Iguana soup, Squirrel Stew, Vegetable Soup give a plastic bowl when eaten. 
Noodle cup gives a Ceramic Bowl when eaten. 

Crafting Changes 

Noodle cup requires ceramic bowl to be crafted. 
Chicken noodle soup, Iguana soup, Squirrel Stew, Vegetable Soup require plastic bowl to be crafted. 
Radstag stew requires empty can to be crafted. 
Herbal anodyne, Herbal antimicrobial, Herbal stimulant require empty can to be crafted. 

Balance Changes 

Glowing blood pack materials changed to require two antiseptics but increased output to two packs. 

Version 5.1

Added recipe for dirty water. ( So many things use dirty water why was this not already in the game? )

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