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The same PA from my scavvers mod now standalone for easier enjoyment.

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Requires the Automatron DLC

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This mod is very simple and straight-forward and for those of you who use my Commonwealth Scavvers mod already knows what this is and how it works. For those of you who have yet to try it this simply adds in a new standalone set of PA with the same stats\mods minus the material sets(Which I'll explain later) of the T-60 set.

As of now there is only two ways to obtain this and that is how it will stay. You can either find it out in the wastes like you would any other set or you can use the console to get it. I absolutely refuse to make this craftable since I personally do not believe that the players character should know to build a full suit of functioning power armor as well as for balancing reasons. If you want to make a patch that will allow it to be craftable feel free to make said patch.

If you use the console to gain it the IDs are below where X is the location in your load order

xx0008ba, xx0008bb, xx0008bc, xx0008bd, xx0008b9, xx0008b8.

So to explain why there is no material mod options is because the custom ones that were created I could not get the game to actually switch the materials for these parts. So instead of that I will be uploading the custom textures that way you can just install the paint job you wish to use. The new textures were not made by me but by a fellow user P1K1 who has given me permission to use them so feel free to drop him a thank you message if you like how they look.

[size=3]To install either use NMM or MO2
If doing a manual install drop all the folders into your fallout 4 DATA folder

To install the custom Material files:
Drag and drop the MATERIAL folder under the chosen color to your data folder and allow it to overwrite

P1K1 for all the wonderful texture work he has been doing
Azrael_wtf For the tutorial on how to make custom PA's

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