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Offers a range of turret related utilities at player owned settlements.

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TCP adds mark I, III, V, and VII machinegun and heavy machinegun turrets individually to the workshop menu. In addition, TCP also adds the following features:

Upgrade & Downgrade
Choose to either upgrade or downgrade either a specific machinegun turret or all machinegun turrets by walking up to said turrets and activating the Control Panel. This feature only affects the new machinegun turrets added by TCP.

A turrets maximum mark (level) depends on the local encounter zone and the players level, which can optionally be disabled in the MCM menu. By default mark I, III, V, and VII turrets can be built at player level 1, 16, 28 and 40 respectively. However, this can also be changed in the MCM menu.

It can be annoying to have to rotate your turrets to face exactly where you want. Assign a hotkey via the MCM menu and activate it once to begin selecting turrets, and again to rotate any turrets you may have selected towards you.

Settlements can be big and confusing places. To help with this you can optionally highlight damaged or unpowered turrets (in workshop mode), or turrets that you have selected to rotate (out of workshop mode) in the MCM menu.

You may feel that the mark I, III, V, and VII machinegun turrets crowd your turret workshop menu. To alleviate any concerns you may have, you can set the priority of these turrets in the MCM menu. The higher the priority, the further back the turret will appear in the workshop menu.



If you choose not to install MCM then you will be unable to access the MCM menu and the features that it provides.

  • Compatible with all official DLC
  • Incompatible with any mod that adds an activate option to workshop turrets