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Mod adds Nuka-Cola inspired equipment and weapons to the game.
They're based on the Nuka-Cola posters found in game:


Female Nuka Suits come in both vanilla or CBBE. Pick your poison and if you use CBBE, don't forget to BodySlide the outfits for your preset :)

If you think it looks like the Slooty Vault Jumpsuit, you've got good eyes. The suit was build on that mod, thanks DixiePig <3 

There are five variations of the Nuka Suit: The Original which looks like the one from the posters, then two for the other flavours in the game, Cherry and Quantum. There's also a Vault-Tec inspired one and one for a "Retro colours" look.

The outfits all have matching gloves and can be worn with either the helmet and oxygen tanks, or just plain suit without the extra stuff.
All outfit variants work for both genders and can be upgraded with ballistic weave.

They can be crafted at the Armoursmith Workbench (from AWCKR) after finding the corresponding magazine. Each suit has a magazine you can discover in one of the interior locations around Commonwealth. For location spoilers, see README. I've also added a video showing the exact location for the magazines and the weapon if you don't want to jump through the hoops for the outfits. For a hunt without checking the cheat sheet: Try exploring stores that sell clothing ;)

The Nuka Blaster was modelled based on the Alien Blaster and the poster images. It has reloading animations, custom effects and some mod pieces like scopes and you can turn the weapon automatic. Some of the upgrades don't change the look of the weapon, just how it functions.

After you find the Nuka Blaster magazine, you will be able to craft ammo and mods for it.

Unlike the suits, you cannot craft the Nuka Blaster. There can be only one. You can find a note next to the weapon, explaining why it's there. You can find the gun in the same location where you fight Z2-47. 

Nukatovs are a creation of DDProductions83. I thought they would be a perfect addition to the Nuka Gear family, so I asked DD for a permission to add them here. You can craft Original, Cherry and Quantum and the Chem Lab under GRENADES. You need Demolition perk 1 for the Nuka and Cherry ones, and Demolition 2 for the Quantum cocktails.


Minor clipping and weighting when in obscure positions.

If you have an obscure FoV in 1stperson, like 90+, there may be some artifacting from the sleeves. If this becomes an issue with a lot of people, I'll swap the suit arms to bare ones...

Some hairstyles will clip through the helmet. It's a choice made that I'd rather have minor clipping than go bald.

If you have a mod that removes the third person Pip-boy, I don't know how the gloves will react.


We worked our asses off for this mod. Neither of us is a modeler. Comments crabbing about the boots not being spiked high heels or glossy PVC will be immediately removed and extremely entitled people will be blocked. We love the mod as it is and are very proud to bring it to you AS IS.

Any weapon lore nerds will get the boot. We don't care if the weapon is realistic, if laser and plasma effects don't mix, or whatever else, we're not taking crap for it. The thing looks awesome, is fun to use, and pwns noobs. It stays as it is.

The items were added into INTERIOR cells with FO4Edit. They WILL NOT cause any cell reset bugs. 


ANY HATERS WILL BE REMOVED & REPORTED. I will not tolerate any discrimination against minorities such as transgender people or gay people.
Go be a bigot elsewhere. Don't like the male version? Simple solution: Don't wear it. 



CBBE and BodySlide/Outfit Studio by Caliente and Ousnius


Testers of awesomeness: