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About this mod

A framework for creating combat scopes for custom weapons. The resulting Combat Scopes work WITH OR WITHOUT the framework. This means that adding a combat scope to your weapon via this framework does two things:
- your mod works on its own
- if the user has installed the framework himself, he can now, without any adjustments to your mod

Permissions and credits
See-Through-Scopes Framework

Important Note
Since some people seem to miss it:
Mods MADE for this framework DO NOT REQUIRE the framework to be INSTALLED to WORK.
This means that your mod will work just fine for people who DO NOT have the framework installed.
These people just can not customize the reticle of your scope.
If those people install the framework, they do not need to modify anyhting else!
The framework-compatible mods will then have customizable reticles.

In Short
This framework is meant for both users and modders.
The framework itself provides the following functionality:

- Customize the reticle of any Combat Scope
- Optional force first person perspective when aiming a Combat Scope

What is important to note is that the framework is NOT required for users to use mods build for the framework. If the user does not have the framework installed, the mod works fine. If the user installs the framework, he can use the same mod without any adjustments and all of the sudden, he can customize his reticle or force first person perspective.
Let me stress that: The modder creates a single version of his mod. This mod works without having the framework installed. If a user decides to install the framework, then he is able to customize the reticles of all framework-compatible weapons.

An important note:
This framework does not add any keyswords.
Also, this framework is meant for Combat Scopes only. This framework by itself does not allow any customization of vanilla optics.

What kind of files does this mod modify? Does it add any keywords?
This mod by itself modifies ZERO vanilla assets. No meshes, textures, UI files or whatever files are modified.
It also does NOT add any keywords.
It does use the 'ap_internal_modification_b_obsolete' and 'ap_internal_modification_c_obsolete' as mod slots


Weapons Compatible with the Framework

What does the framework offer?
The framework offers the following:
- Customizable reticles.
  About thirteen crosshairs and twelve different dots in three colors to choose from.
- A force first person mode for the Combat Scopes.
  Use the See Through Scopes Settings holotape to enable or disable this effect.
- Custom reticles for custom guns.
  As a mod author, you can create your own default reticle for your gun.

What are ‘See-Through-Scopes’ exactly?
Normal scopes use a fade-in-fade-out effect when using them. They also feature a screenoverlay. See-Through-Scopes act like reflex sights with zoom. There is no fade-in effect, nor are the edges of your screen going black. If you want to see how it looks on the vanilla guns, check out the See-Through Combat Scopes mod:
See-Through Combat Scopes

I’m a user, what do I need to do?
First of all, do you have the See-Through Combat Scopes mod installed? This mod adds Combat Scopes to practically all vanilla weapons. Version 1.11 and up of this mod include the framework, so there is no need to download it here. If you do not have this mod installed, and do not want Combat Scopes on your vanilla weapons, you can download the framework here. It is the main file, so clicking the download button on the top of this page should download the framework for you.

I’m a mod author, what do I need to do?
I would really like it when you download this framework, together with a tutorial document, and include the Combat Scopes with your weapon.
This results in:
a) me having to do less additional add-ons for the See-Through Combat Scopes mod, which reduces the amount of ESP’s and versions I have to maintain.
b) you having to deal with less posts begging for addition of said scopes.
Download the ‘DEVKIT’ in the optional files section.
If you publish a mod with framework support, please provide a link in your description to either the framework or the See Trough Scopes mod, so users of your mod can download the framework if they like.

Thanks to Bottletopman for providing me with better and more correct descriptions for the reticles and dots.
Credits to mancike for supplying five high quality reticles and one high quality dot for this mod.
I didn't include all of his edits, mainly due to sorting reasons. For example, the duplex reticle is now called 'Cross (Duplex)' instead of just duplex.
So if some reticles or dots are still kinda named incorrectly due to this, blame me, not him.

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