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ReadMe of the Fallout 4 Vanilla 99-percent completed savegame
Stuff i will write about in here are: bugs, choices and other things.

Quests unable to complete/start due to bugs:

- Plugging a leak (Institute)
Justin Ayo wouldn't give me the quest no matter what.
- Quality assurance
Doors wouldn't open so i couldn't finish the tasks. TCL did not help.
- Ness
Can't meet Ness in a random encounter because she's being killed in the NPC spawn room.
- Randolph safehouse
Can't finish the remaining 4 quests because PAM won't give me them anymore.
-The Marowski heist
Darcy pembroke doesn't want to start the quest for whatever reason.
- Mama murphy's chair
Apparently she didn't need a chair or something.

Quests unable to complete/start due to timing

- Reveille
For this quest you must not have met the BOS before you see the prydwyn. I already saw the BOS.
- The memory den
You can only do this quest before entering Diamond city. I already visited diamond city.
- Wedding day
Chose the wrong speach checks, thus Edna won't marry.
- The gun run
Barney rook was already dead when i arrived.

Armor unable to get

- Steadfast BOS combat armor
Turned in the quest with Danse instead of Kells. The prydwyn didn't land yet so i couldn't give it to Kells.
- Apocalypse left greave
The vault tec-rep sells it, but he died. Trying to revive him does nothing.
- Specific essential NPC's armor/clothing
Can't steal the armor/clothing of every NPC

Weapons unable to get

- Good intentions
Clint didn't drop it when he died.
- Virgils Rifle
He didn't give it to me. May still be possible if you kill him.
- Zao's sword
Did the wrong speach checks so he didn't give it to me.
- survivor's special
Brandis didn't seem to want to give this item to me when the quest ended.
- Protectron's gaze
Couldn't get it because i didn't kill the Mechanist

Choices made during quests/misc objectives (some have consequences)

- The sight
The Sight isn't really needed while playing so i cured mama murphy.
- The molecular level
Build the transporter for the minutemen. I was close to sanctuary at the time so why not.
- The lost patrol
Turned it in with danse instead of Kells. Prydwyn hadn't arrived.
- Feeding the troops
Had to do finch farm. Killed the finch's to regain control of the settlement after.
- Human error
Kept the residents of covenant friendly. Because free settlers and shops.
- Pickman's gift
I let pickman live because you get an unique weapon.
- The secret of cabot house
I let lorenzo live. Radiation protection drugs seemed better than a plasma weapon
- Trouble brewin'
Kept drinkin buddy because he's awesome.
- Virgils cure/A loose end
I let virgil live and cured him. Seemed more humane.
- Voyage of the USS constitution
Sided with captain ironsides. Because robot pirates.
- Kid in a fridge
Got billy back to his parents. Because who in their right mind sells a child to a random dude?
- The nuclear option
Blew up the institute, depending on who i sided with
Also took shaun (child synth) with me
- From within
Convinced doctor Li to help me. Quest is easier that way
- Blind betrayal
I let Danse live. Otherwise i couldn't get his perk
- Duty or dishonor
I let the ghouls live. The reward changes on the choice, so i chose the one with the best reward
- The battle of bunker hill
Fought with the synths and deactivated the broken synths. Father would be mad at me if i didn't
- Pinned
Decided to keep the minutemen friendly. There was no need to make another faction your enemy
- A House divided
Chose the peaceful ending. Because the violent ending results in a questgiver dying
- Dependency
Convinced bobby to stop drugs. He was needed in another quest
- Hole in the wall
Cured austin instead of myself. -10hp is barely noticeable
- In sheep's clothing
Killed MCdonough. Kill or let him leave has the same result
- Mystery meat
Killed the scamming dude. No reason to keep him alive selling poisoned meat
- Order up
Chose the peaceful ending. Because then you have two merchants instead of one
- The big dig
Chose Hancock's side. If you choose the other side you don't get the legendary ashmaker
- Diamond city blues
Chose to share the loot. Because sharing is caring :)
- Restoring Order
Decided not to kill the mechanist because she gives quests. On the other side i don't have her special weapon

There are probably more choices i made, but i can't think of any more right now.


Companions can be found in Starlight Drive-in
Deacon died in the institute and BOS faction endings
X6-88 died in the railroad and BOS faction endings.

More will be added to the ReadMe when i have time/ think of more to add. Suggestions are welcome.