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Don't want to complete the game before you can test mods? Then look no further! This save has pretty much everything completed, and has saves up until the faction choice and endings. Or perhaps you want a clean completed save so you don't have to worry about not having stuff done before DLC. This save has all of that and more, enjoy!

Permissions and credits
Some of you may already know me from my completed Skyrim Save. Of course a Fallout 4 one couldn't be missed! Hence a completed save of Fallout 4 too.

Savegame Version 1.0  includes: The completed vanilla game (up until faction choice)
Savegame Version 1.0a includes: The vanilla game + Mechanist DLC completed
Savegame Version 1.0b includes: The vanilla game + Mechanist and Far Harbour DLC's completed (neutral)
Savegame Version 1.0c includes: The vanilla game + Mechanist, Far Harbour and Nuka World DLC's completed (True Neutral)
Savegame Version 1.0d includes: The vanilla game + Mechanist, Far Harbour and Nuka World DLC's completed (Semi Neutral)
Savegame Version 1.1  includes: The vanilla game + Brotherhood of Steel Faction chosen
Savegame Version 1.2  includes: The vanilla game + The Railroad Faction chosen
Savegame Version 1.3  includes: The vanilla game + The Institute Faction chosen
Savegame Version 1.4  includes: The vanilla game + The Minutemen Faction chosen

Version 1.0 (Vanilla game completed up until faction choice)

Character name: Naomi
Sex: Female
Level: 106
Hours played: 154 hours
Perk points left to spend: 20+

The Vanilla Savegame Includes:

- Completion of all quests¹             
- Completion of all non-repeatable misc. objectives
- All locations found                
- All comic books found              
- All bobbleheads found
- All settlements owned           
- All settlements are populated²
- All companions have reached maximum affinity
- All companion perks unlocked
- All level four shops
- Collected all unique weapons³
- Collected all unique armor³
- Collected all normal armor/weapons
- Unlocked all radio stations
- Collected all robot model toys
- Collected all Power Armor paint jobs
- Collected all versions of the Power Armor

¹ Some quest(s) could not be completed due to bugs or wrong timing/speach checks. None of those quest(s) were important to the main story so the loss is minimal. To read what quests were missed/bugged, download the ReadMe i will upload soon.
² The Boston Airport settlement is not populated due to not being able to plant food and needing to manually send settlers there.
³  Some vendors/NPC's were bugged which resulted in not being able to get some unique weapons/armors. Some unique weapons/armors also depended heavily on the faction choice, so faction based weapons/armors i was not able to get (but are present in the faction saves).

In the image section of this mod you can find where i put all the items.
The main workbench (where stuff isn't broken down yet) is at the Sanctuary settlement.

Version 1.0a (Vanilla completed + Mechanist DLC)

- Found all schematics
- Collected all robot mods
- Obtained the pipboy automatron game
- Collected all new armor
- Collected All new weapons
- All new locations found

I chose not to get the perk robotics expert in this save, because your INT goes up which causes a lower chance of idiot savant activating. Of course you can still get it yourself so you can build every robot part.

Version 1.0b (Vanilla completed + Mechanist and Far Harbor (neutral)

- All quests completed¹
- All locations found
- All Islander's Almanac pages found
- All settlements owned
- Old Longfellow affinity maxed and perk obtained
- Collected all unique weapons²
- Collected all unique armor²
- Collected all far harbor specific armor/weapons
- Obtained Vim! paintjob and modified bowling ball schematics

¹ Two of the last main quests are not finished because this is a neutral save. This means you can still choose whether you want a peaceful ending or a violent one. The quest "Ship Breaker" has not been completed because getting it is purely based on chance (in the 20 hours i played this dlc i did not get it)
² Some unique armor and weapons could not be obtained because the quests mentioned above are not finished.

All Far Harbor armor and weapons are located on the upper floor of the main house in Starlight Drive-in (see images)

Version 1.0c (Vanilla completed + Mechanist, Far Harbour and Nuka World TRUE NEUTRAL)

True Neutral means that in this save no choices were made to side with a faction, either in the vanilla game or in the DLC's. This means the save is only complete until the point that i have to choose a faction. You can chose the faction you like in this save, so do as you please. If you want a more completed save of Nuka World, see Version 1.0d.

- All quests completed¹
- All side quests completed¹
- All radiant quests completed¹
- All locations found (marked and unmarked)²
- Collected all legendary armor and weapons³
- Collected all normal armor and weapons³
- Collected all Scav! magazines
- Collected all Nuka cola recipes
- Porter Gage affinity maxed and perk obtained

¹ Except quests that would lead me to choose a gang.
² Except secure beverageer lab, as it's not reachable without nuka world power.
³ Some weapons and armor are missing because they are locked behind gang quests.

Porter Gage is hanging around Fizztop Grille (Nuka World) in this save.
Nuka World items can be found upstairs on the balcony in the house you spawn in (see images).

Version 1.0d (Vanilla completed + Mechanist, Far Harbour and Nuka World SEMI-NEUTRAL)

Semi Neutral means that i chose two of the three gangs in Nuka World to live (Operators and The Pack). This means that this save is 15% or so more complete than the true neutral save, due to the fact that a fair bit of content is locked behind gang choice. If you do not like the gang choice i made in this save, please download Version 1.0c and choose your own.

- All quests completed
- All side quests completed
- All radiant quests completed
- All locations found (marked and unmarked)
- Collected all legendary armor and weapons
- Collected all normal armor and weapons
- Collected all Scav! magazines
- Collected all Nuka cola recipes
- Collected all Nuka world robot mods¹
- Porter Gage affinity maxed and perk obtained
- Nuka World settlement populated
- All settlement customizations unlocked²
- Beat every challenger in the gauntlet
- Powered up Nuka World.

¹ Except the N.I.R.A. outfit. You can kill her if you want to.
² Except the tribute chest, as it has no use besides being a cosmetic item and you must take over another 5 settlements.
Porter Gage is at the Nuka World Red Rocket settlement in this save.
Shank is hanging around Outpost Zimonja in this save.
Outpost Zimonja, Coastal Cottage and County Crossing are gang settlements in this save. Taffington Boathouse is a gang supply settlement.
Nuka World items can be found upstairs on the balcony in the house you spawn in (see images).


Q: Your save is in a .rar file and it doesn't work when i put it in my saves folder
A: You have to extract the winrar file (with winrar or 7zip) to get the save file. Put that file into your saves folder.

Q: Why is it 99% and not 100% completed?
A: Short explanation: stuff gets bugged, so you can't get certain items/complete things anymore. Long explanation: read the ReadMe.

Q: Where are all the companions?
A: They'll be wandering around in Starlight Drive-in (the settlement you spawn in).

Q: You're missing item X / Haven't done X
A: If so, please tell me in the comment section.

Q: Where can i find item X
A: Go to the image section of this mod, where i wrote down where everything is placed in general terms.

Q: I don't like the perks you've chosen / It doesn't cater to my playstyle
A: You can add/remove perks with the console commands.

Q: Do your saves work on Xbox 1 or PS4?
A: Not sure, but you can try.

Q: Can i request a save with [insert progress here]
A: Not at this time, small changes to a save i might do though.

Q: Your save doesn't work
A: Could be a mod preventing you from loading it/ you placed it in the wrong directory.

Q: If i install manually, where do i place the save?
A: My computer -> Documents -> My games -> Fallout 4 -> Saves

Q: I don't like X
A: You can modify this save to your wishes with console commands

Q: Did you cheat
A: Only when stuff needed fixing

Q: Did you use any mods while making this save?
A: Nope

Q: Why is your character female/named Naomi
A: Because that's my name... You can change gender/name with console commands.

Q: Why aren't all locations cleared, like your Skyrim save?
A: Fallout 4 has a weird way of counting something as cleared. Some things can get uncleared or cleared twice or not cleared at all. So i chose not to include it in the save.

Q: Why didn't you get all keys, like your Skyrim save?
A: There are very few keys in Fallout 4 so it's not really the effort to include them. Besides, lockpicking is just as easy.

Q: Why don't you have saves for every faction choice?
A: Because that would result in 100 or so different saves. I don't have the time for that. Use the neutral saves to make your own choices.

See ReadMe section on the menu bar.