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Replaces all actors' voices with farts. All of them. Every single voiced line of dialogue in the game. Over 100,000 of them. Version 2 adds 233 more, shorter farts! No more listening to the same 8 second clips over and over again!

Permissions and credits
NOTICE: This mod is ancient and doesn't work properly anymore, and I will not be updating it at all. Download at your own risk!


This mod was included at the end of PC Gamer's list of the weirdest Fallout 4 mods. I did it. I've made the big time now, ma.
Check out my other mod: Silence is Golden - Silent Protagonists. It does pretty much the same thing as the Player Only versions of this mod, except with silence instead of farts. MUCH more lore-friendly... unless your character has 1 INT/1 CHA.


I have no idea why I did this, I just... did. I was so preoccupied with whether or not I could that I didn't stop to think if I should. My PC even bluescreened early on in the process, as if the Gods themselves were telling me "NO!"

But did I let that stop me? Hell no!

FartOut 4 - Total Voice Replacement Mod (VERSION 2)
oh god why

The other night I was messing around with some audio stuff, made a quick sound replacement to go along with that mod that turns Mini Nukes into babies, and then I had this crazy, stupid, horrible, damnable idea: What if I could replace the main character's voice with farts?

At the time, it kinda made sense - Bethesda didn't give us alternate dialogue for 1 INT characters, so I figured it'd be funny if I replaced everything (s)he said with ass trumpets! As I extracted the voice files, I realized it was going to take a long, LONG time to replace them all, so I wrote up a batch file to automate the process while I took a shit. After about 2 hours of work (I'm a slow coder) it was ready, and I figured since I was already anxious to see the fruits of my labor that I'd test it on an NPC follower I had easy access to: Curie!

After giggling like a fucking moron at how my companion's once luscious French accent was now nothing but farts, I was struck with inspiration. I tweaked the script a bit, and after another hour or so of work (again, slow coder) it was able to sort through every actor's voice files and replace them with farts (or, y'know, whatever else I wanted to replace them with).

Over 100,000 lines of dialogue, carefully written over the course of several years by numerous Bethesda staff as a labor of love to bring us the biggest, most epic Fallout experience yet, recorded over several years by numerous talented young voice actors and actresses... reduced to nothing but juvenile noises.

VERSION 2: There were a LOT of people who were dissatisfied with the first version because it didn't have enough variety (some called me autistic, some called me juvenile, others wanted to block me so they never see my uploads again). I have taken their words to heart, and added more than 3,000% more farts in Version 2. I hope those folks who weren't satisfied with the initial release come back and see how much this mod has grown in the past 36 hours.

WHAT IT DOES (in case you didn't read the preface)

Huge thanks to Tyrannicon for making this video exposing my crimes against humanity to the world!

It replaces all the voiced lines in the games with farts. The subtitles and lipsyncing is still intact, but everything else is just endless farting.

INSTRUCTIONS (How you can ruin your entire Fallout 4 experience in just 4 easy steps!)
1. Enable modding in your FO4 installation if you haven't already (and if you haven't, what the hell are you even doing here looking at mods?)
2. Download whichever version of the mod you want to your hard drive (or solid state drive, if you're a rich guy who can afford expensive crap like that)
3. Extract the "Sounds" folder to your Fallout 4/Data directory.
4. Launch the game (If it seems to freeze... I have no idea what the shit it's doing but it should work if you give it a minute or two - the freezing should only happen the first time you run the game after installing this mod)

That's it, it's THAT easy!


-jonwd7 for the Bethesda Archive Extractor
-Bethesda Game Studios, for giving us this glorious game for me to completely ruin.
-Agnahim for the "fuz_extractor" (used to modify .fuz files, which are the voice/lipsync files used in both Skyrim and FO4)
-Microsoft for the .XWM converter (Skyrim/FO4's audio format)
-Zott820 from freesound.org, for this pack of fart sounds
-All my farts from SoundCloud, for this pack of over 230 farts