TeddyBear BacKPack by MasterTobiuo
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Added: 13/03/2016 - 09:23AM
Updated: 26/03/2016 - 04:52AM

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Last updated at 4:52, 26 Mar 2016 Uploaded at 9:23, 13 Mar 2016

 Add TeddyBear BacKPack.(10 Color variation)
  1. Normal
  2. Lether Black
  3. Lether Brown
  4. Lether Gray
  5. Plaid1
  6. Plaid2
  7. Plaid3
  8. Damask Gold
  9. Damask Pink
  10. Damask Red

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[Last ChangeLog]
    The problem that it can't be made was corrected because the material was wrong.
    Add 6 colors.
    -Plaid- 1,2,3
    -Damask- Gold,Pink,Red

[How Get?]
 It can craftable from the chemlab.(Category "TeddyBearBackPack")

[How Use?]
 Only Equip.(armor slot 56)

[Introduction of wonderful MOD(I used for screenshot)]
  [Tattilinas Tattoos Air Jordan CBBE] by Eric
  [Craftable Display Mannequins - NPCs and PC as well] by DDProductions83
  [JC Bikini - For CBBE] by Jordan1q2
[Commonwealth Shorts Vanilla-CBBE-JB] by Deserter X

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 [Teddybear Backpack Retextures] by Warwolfx

[My Work]
 Character of Tobiuo(My 1st character preset.I used screenshot)
 Photo Light
 Fashion Light(This is Beta version)


  [Use texture]