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Changes the messages you get to first person messages.

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Description & Lunatic Ravings

Does it take you out of the game when you get a message in the upper-left hand corner of the screen and it is in third person?

"You are carrying too much.", "You aren't strong enough to do that.", "Your family hates you.", "You're fat."

Well, fear not! This little mod changes the messages you get to first person. Never again shall you have the game telling you what you are and what you are doing. Now you will think these messages to yourself.

"The Brotherhood hates me.", "I'm hungry.", "<sigh> I'm still fat."

With this update I was able to find a lot of the missing messages that I had been looking for. No STRING files were abused or otherwise penetrated for this functionality. I will be doing a full update when the GECK drops in April to clean up any issues that I may come across with this mod.

This mod was inspired by "Think To Yourself Messages" for Skyrim by VorpalBlades. None of VorpalBlades' resources were used or harmed in the making of this mod. Built by me with FO4Edit.


To Install

Simply download and install with NMM. Place at the bottom on your load order.

To Update from 0.9 to 1.0

Simply uninstall version 0.9 and install version 1.0. Easy peasy.

To Update from 1.0 to 1.1

Simply uninstall version 1.0 and install version 1.1. So easy a Fallout fan could do it.

To Update from 1.1 to 1.2

Same as above.

To Update from 1.2 to 2.0

Uninstall all previous versions of First Person Messages. Install version 2.0. Must have all DLC installed. Gage loved that.

Q: Will this mod destroy my game?
A: Not that I know of. No FormID's were modified, only messages. As with all mods, use at your own risk.

Q: Where does this go in my load order?
A: At the bottom. As low as possible. So low that it isn't even part of your load order anymore.

Q: Does this work with Full Dialogue Interface/Valdacil's Item Sorting/AWKCR?
A: Sho nuff. I use these mods and have tested my mod with them. They work fine.

Q: I hate this. It's stupid/unfinished/ridiculous/idiotic/too fancy. Can I uninstall this at any time?
A: I've installed and uninstalled this mod several dozen times. It hasn't harmed my savegame yet. Ya jerk.

Q: Why am I still getting some third-person messages? Are you like a moron or something?
A: I am definitely a moron. But, there were some messages that I couldn't find with the current set of tools. There are some popup messages that do not reside in the "Message" header in xEdit. Once the GECK drops and we have full functionality of FO4Edit then I should be able to complete this out. Otherwise, let me know if you find any messages that still display in 3rd person.

Q: Did you add 1st person messages to the tutorials?
A: No. Tutorials already take you out of the game. Making them 1st person would just be weird.

Q: Can you make a patch for X mod?
A: Maybe. If you ask nicely I might. I'm a busy guy, what with having no life, a family that hates me, and no friends. 

Q: Ummm... do you need someone to talk to?
A: Yep.

Q: You wanna talk to me?
A: Nope.

Q: Well, I didn't want to talk to you anyway, jackoff.
A: Please don't leave me. 

Q: Wait, why did you remove some assets for the latest version?
A: Interestingly and infuriatingly enough, Bethesda has saw fit to leave assets in the base game going all the way back to Oblivion. It makes it a little ridiculous to decide what you need to modify and what you need to leave alone. So, I went over the assets in my mod and verified which ones were really used and deleted the rest. I also removed changes to the Tutorial and Help messages. If you're reading those messages, immersion has already been broken.

Q: I heard that someone has already made this mod and made a better version with more options. What do you think of that, jerk off?
A: You should go use that mod. It is pretty awesome. This mod is like me: simple. 

Thanks To:
Bethesda - for making a game for me to destroy my life, marriage, and personal relationships with.
The xEdit Crew - for the awesome tools.
VorpalBlades - for the original idea with "Think To Yourself Messages" for Skyrim.
Gopher - for piquing my interests with mods.
Someguy2000 - for being an eternal source of entertainment and sodomy.