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Prepends gun name and appends WSE to the names of guns and removed weapon mods in inventory / containers

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Update 1.0 - Supports 1.0 of Weaponsmith Extended - OMODs are no longer linked to MISC, so you won't be able to detach a mod then add it back or to a different weapon. On the plus side no huge mess of deleted mods that can be added to any weapon.

Update 0.4 - Now supports version 0.4 of Weaponsmith Extended

Update 0.2.1 now prepends gun names in addition to appending WSE for all weapon mods appearing in crafting bench to aid in recognizing which mods will actually work. (for use with Weaponsmith Extended 0.2 & 0.3)

Have you thought about testing out Weaponsmith Extended?

This is just a small patch to Weaponsmith Extended that renames all the weapons and attachments adding WSE to the end of them.


1. If you are a modder and want to debug a mod for one/all of the guns, maybe concurrently with debugging a non-weaponsmith extended version, it allows you to tell the difference between the different weapons that would otherwise have the same name, but different formids.
2. If you are in the middle of a play-through and considering a switch, this might help a lot. It would allow you to run Weaponsmith Extended and the original guns side by side for a while until you have replaced all instances of the original guns with replacements, and see the visible difference in the names of the guns.

I made this for my own use in debugging, then thought other modders might find it helpful so modified the names on all the weapons, not just the weapon I was interested in.

I would have uploaded it as just a modders resource, but then I realized I have at least 200 settlers on my current play-through equipped with "standalone" weapons, and being able to tell the difference would speed up reallocating new armament.
If you didn't realize, if you deactivate the standalone weapon ESP to use Weaponsmith Extended on its own, weapons created with it will disappear.

I will keep this updated for a while and the primary version numbers will be based on the version of Weaponsmith Extended that I baased it on.

This patch will probably not be compatible with other patches to Weaponsmith Extended as it overrides more than half the entries in FO4Edit, though it doesn't touch levelled lists.

Known Bugs: None.. though Weaponsmith Extended does have known bugs that are nothing to do with this plugin - if Weaponsmith is updated, fixes to it will not show until a fix is made to this plugin as well.
If you are using this, then it is best to update it at the same time as Weaponsmith Extended.