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Makes all of the items from Commonwealth Scavvers CBBE craftable at the AWKCR workbench.

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Apologies. Life has prevented me from gaming and modding for almost a year now and that is likely to remain the case. Because of that, I'm providing carte blanche permission for any modder to use any resources from my mods for their own creations. Just provide credit and a link to the original mod. Regarding permissions, most of my mods are extensions of work done by others.  You will need their permission to use any assets in my mods that were originally created by others. Enjoy, and keep the modding love alive.

Yet another PATCH only mod. Requires Commonwealth Scavvers - CBBE - AWKCR by Moore
-- esp replacer only. All other mod assets require the original mod.

Basically, I saw the amazing armors in thee Commonwealth Scavvers mod and downloaded at about 4 in the morning. Went to test this afternoon and WHAT? not crafting? Damn. I figured since the author had taken the time to  make such a nice collection and went through the trouble of setting it up to be AWKCR & Armorsmith Extended compatible, it was a shame not to be able to craft then. Surely, Moore (or Horus5, same person?) would have gotten to it, but I figured I could jump in with a stop gap (the mod has open permissions), meet a need (making the armor craftable), and help free up some time for a modder with far more talent than myself to engage in more important things - like mesh editing and making more cool toys for our games.

If you want to craft these amazing armors, now you can.
Additional requirements: Armor & Weapon Keywords Community Resource and Armorsmith Extended.

1) Download & install AWKCR & AE (like you don't have them already).
2) Download and install Commonwealth Scavvers CBBE - AWKCR
3) Download this patch, install, overwrite .esp.
4) Go craft some s#!t. ENJOY.