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Ammo now has limited capacity and reloading weapons in combat is more tactical! Great for Survival mode and Realism

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This mod attempts to add realism and tactical decision making by changing the reloading system. Now ammo is contained within magazines which keep the number of bullets left in them even after reloading. Now you have to be tactical in firefights and make sure to keep spare magazines filled for those longer battles and make sure to keep track of how many bullets are left your mags. Just like how real guns work!

Far Harbor and Nuka World updates as optional files, so you dont need either those DLCs for this mod to work.

Compatibility Patches!
All Compatibility patches will need the original mod for them to work!

Added the Beretta M9-FS Pistol (92fs) from fadingsignal

Noted to be a bug and Troublesome

 I know the issue with power armor and fusion cores, havent found out how to fix that yet.
 Magazines may sometimes bug out with automatic recievers on the last bullet where it gets "stuck"  dry firing due to game coding thinking there is none but the UI is saying another.