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Ammo now has limited capacity and reloading weapons in combat is more tactical! Great for Survival mode and Realism

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This mod attempts to add realism and tactical decision making by changing the reloading system. Now ammo is contained within magazines which keep the number of bullets left in them even after reloading. Now you have to be tactical in firefights and make sure to keep spare magazines filled for those longer battles and make sure to keep track of how many bullets are left your mags.

5.2b Update
Wrong file uploaded, should work properly with new file and updates will be shown. No clean save needed
Crafting Workbench updated.
UI is now easier to use and recipes are easier to find

as follows for crafting and loading Magazines

1.Create Kits and Empty Magazines --Allows you to create Ammo kits used to create ammo for Magazines, and also empty magazines as a crafting component
2. Create Ammo ---Using the Ammo Kit, creates ammo of different types depending on selection
3. Load Magazines--Load different type of magazines and sizes depending on what you need
4.Unload Magazines--Unload Magazines of all types, except for the smallest size which need to be salvaged
5.Salvage Ammo---Salvages the smallest Magazines of each type of ammo that can be used to create ammo kits for other types of ammo.

Various bugs have been fixed. Check Change Log for more info on that

overhaul on Laser, Plasma, and Gauss Rifles Ammo