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This mod places many different kinds of respawnable Legendary Bosses hidden throughout the Commonwealth.

There is also an optional installation file that will replace all of the Behemoths, Mirelurk Queens, and Swan as more difficult respawnable Legendary Giant Creatures.

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As of Version 7.0 uploaded 4-23-16 there are currently 27 bosses spawned throughout the Commonwealth 24 of which are different, they are quite strong, they are Legendary, and they drop loot that makes them worthwhile to kill, and give a great bit of experience as well. I have tested all of them in combat and verified all of their locations and placed their spawn points on a map that you can download in the images section. 

Below is the list of boss creatures and their bonus health values - All of them will have a star by their name as well because they are Legendary. Some will also spawn with additional "adds" :) - Be aware, as of the current version 7.0 most of the Bosses added to the game as well as the original Swan, Mirelurk Queens and Behemoths have the Legendary 2x Damage Mutation. Which means once they mutate they will be hitting twice as hard... Enjoy! :)

The optional file is built for people playing with mods around 10% Player Damage and 600% Enemy Damage. Because of that the enemies drop more of some ammo to compensate for the fact that the bosses take essentially 5x as much ammo to kill.

Version 7.0 adds these 10 new different bosses to go find and kill! They are listed below.
Putrid Bloatfly - 15,000 HP
Stingwing Terror - 25,000 HP
Roachzilla - 15,000 HP
Berserk Mole Rat - 15,000 HP
Crazed Mirelurk Hunter - 25,000 HP
Frenzied Albino Radstag - 25,000 HP
Infected Glowing Mongrel - 15,000 HP
Mirelurk Killclaw Overlord - 20,000 HP
Mutant Hound Eviscerator - 20,000 HP
Ahab The Worldslayer - 50,000 HP

Below is the list of the original 17 bosses.
Swan's Reincarnation - 40,000 HP
Ancient Vampiric Bloodbug - 20,000 HP
Mirelurk Queen Broodmother - 50,000 HP
Deathskull Radscorpion Assassin - 25,000 HP
Ancient Commonwealth Bear - 40,000 HP
Supreme Super Mutant Behemoth x2 - 40,000 HP
Cataclysmic Glowing Mirelurk King - 40,000 HP
Deranged Feral Ghoul - 15,000 HP
Noxious Glowing One x2 - 15,000 HP
Bloodthirsty Withered Feral Ghoul - 15,000 HP
Irradiated Alpha Deathclaw - 30,000 HP
Matriarch Mother Deathclaw - 30,000 HP
Ethereal Mythic Deathclaw x2 - 40,000 HP
Nightstalker Chameleon Deathclaw - 50,000 HP

I seek no claim or credit for this mod whatsoever. It was originally created by the mod Author Odolinski, and without his permission I would not have been able to continue and improve upon his mods design. So for that I am very grateful and I thank him.

The changes I have made from his mod are as follows:

I extensively edited the loot tables of all the creatures, renamed the creatures, made them Legendary, increased some of their health and damage values, moved a few spawn points and placed a few new created creatures into the world. Fixed Swan and the Mirelurk King (neither were working as intended)

The Bosses drop significantly less ammo, enough to still make it worth killing them for ammo, but you wont get a ridiculous amount of ammo that will make the game seem too easy. Also the items they drop now are a far more useful reward for taking the time to kill them. They also give a good boost of experience depending on how hard they are to kill.

All of the creatures drop high-end legendary loot and the creatures names are a bit more immersive.

I originally just made this file for my own person use and preference and after some thought I felt it was something that should be available to everyone.

Odolinski's mod is located here and I urge you to please go here and please also endorse his mod file as this mod would not have been possible without it.