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Open it with FO4Edit


Speed - Value:  "1 is fine, otherwise balance it around the real firerate of the weapon/count ingame bullets per second shot and tweak multiplier as needed."

Reloadspeed - Value: 0.7 - 0.85

Out of Hit Rangemult - Value: 0.75

On hit - Value: "Depends on the weapon, normally No Dismember/Explode"

Weapon Damage - Values (Feel free to choose between these ranges depending on th caliber) 
Pistols - 37 to 44
Revolver/.44 - 52 to 58
Rifles Semi AND automatic - 42 to 49
Bolt Action Rifles/.308 - 62 to 69
Caliber .50 - 110 to 130
Shotguns - 75 to 90

Object Modifications (Most important!)

Receivers (This goes for ALL weapons. +0.10 equals +10% more damage)

Standart receiver - Value: No damage increase
Light receiver - Value: No damage reduction
Heavy receiver
- Value: +0.10
Hardend receiver - Value: +0.20
Powerful receiver - Value: +0.30
Advanced receiver - Value: +0.40   -- Most of the time this receiver is exclusive to semi automatic

Automatic receivers are special. They no longer have reduced damage. Instead they have reduced accuracy on long range, which means:

MULT+ADD - MaxRange - Value: -3.5   -- Reduces the effective range of the weapon.


Barrels don't increase damage in general. If you find a Object Modification that adds damage to the barrel, remove it. Damage is ONLY increase by the receiver.

Set the correct range for your weapon:

Adjust the range of your weapon, barrel object modifications:

Depends on short or long. For short pick the lower value of MaxRange.
MinRange always stay the same.

MinRange - 3
MaxRange - 6 to 9

MinRange - 3
MaxRange - 7 to 12

MinRange - 6
MaxRange - 16 to 24

MinRange - 6
MaxRange - 12 to 18

MinRange - 4
MaxRange - 7 to 10

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  1. skrivanekCZ
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    what do u recomend for demage values for plasma, laser, alien and gauss?
    1. venginceincoming
      • supporter
      • 19 posts
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      The default laser pistol's damage went from 24 to 45 using this mod. Balance around that using your best judgement I guess. I believe Plasma went to 32/32. It looks like he has the science guns' default values in line with a certain gun caliber - laser = rifle, plasma = .308, gauss = .50 cal. The alien blaster only went from 50 dmg to 65 dmg, so you'll definitely just have to feel it out yourself on that one.

      Good luck future patchers!
  2. Ardent117
    • member
    • 993 posts
    • 89 kudos
    Maybe answered elswyr but how do we patch modded melee weapon damage?
  3. lndigo
    • member
    • 86 posts
    • 7 kudos
    Automatic receivers : [MULT+ADD - MaxRange - Value: -3.5] I don't understand this one. FO4edit doesn't seem to recognize the formula. Tried MUL instead of MULT but same result... tbh I'm not even sure wich line I need to edit.
    EDIT: Nevermind, got it
    1. GentlemanRelish
      • member
      • 43 posts
      • 1 kudos
      What did you do? Stuck at changing Object Modifications due to same problems as you.
    2. wobbey363
      • member
      • 43 posts
      • 0 kudos
      When modifying the receivers look for the property that says Attack damage and only change that one.
  4. loen999
    • member
    • 681 posts
    • 4 kudos
    i see some of the weapon mod have value 2, what should i do about this kind of situation?
  5. fairplayer916
    • member
    • 219 posts
    • 2 kudos
    i just downloaded and installed your mod. and after about 3 hours, just finished manually patching all the weapon mods im using.
  6. KevinD2000
    • supporter
    • 22 posts
    • 0 kudos
    I'll attempt. But, because this would be nearly my first time doing something this deep with modding in Fallout 4, no definite promises. Along with school work, It'll take a while. I hope more people (specifically those with better experience) love both mods as much as I do to assist.

    I would try and Email the MF mod authors but, I get the impression they're not taking any requests as they're currently working on the v2.5 of MF.
    1. cardmaster
      • premium
      • 656 posts
      • 6 kudos
      It is not hard however it takes a lot of time especially with mods like MF. If you want to pickup were I left it be my guest ;-) I currently have a patch made that still needs some work on the object modifications. The problem is that MF uses a lot of ammo types and real life names of barrels and receivers that are not covered by the BLD mod let alone in the above example. It will take quite some research to try to match the game values against the real life values.