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Adds the AER12 Laser Rifle to the game.

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This mod adds the AER12 Laser Rifle (with a new weapon model) to the game. Its damage is comparable to the Plasma Rifle with Laser Rifle accuracy. Due it's more delicate construction is has lower health than other energy weapons and will needs regular maintenance to keep it in working order.

I also changed the name of the regular laser rifle to AER9 Laser Rifle.

One can be found in the Citadel B-ring and the other is hidden in the Museum of Technology.

I made this as part of a Brotherhood of Steel Overhaul mod that I'm currently working on but I figured you could have some fun with this in the mean time :)

NOTE: The damage is based on vanilla values if you're using Zippy's Energy Teaks Mod or any other that changes energy weapon damage values then you'll need to tweak this mod a bit.


Extract to your Bethesda Softworks\Fallout 3\Data\ folder and activate the AER12LaserRifle plugin. If you're not already using FOMM now would be a good time to start.

Use as you see fit but a little credit would be nice since it took me a few days to put this together.

**UPDATE Ver 1.1**

Fixed an bug where the AER12 was found in footlockers everywhere.