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Followers Hire Continued allows you to obtain more companions then would normally be possible. This is a continuation of the module developed by Jalor.

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Followers Hire Continued
Developed by Jalor
Maintained by Degrelescence
Current Version 1.0

0h Followers Hire Continued allows you to obtain more companions then would normally be possible.
There are four possible ways of going about this:

1. FollowersHireContinued-CharismaCheck-KarmaCheck.esp allows you to have more companions then the default (1) with a new restriction based on your charisma (see chart below).

2. FollowersHireContinued-CharismaCheck-NoKarmaCheck.esp removes the Karma check from obtaining companions. You also can have more companions then the default (1) with a new restriction based on your charisma (see chart below).

3. FollowersHireContinued-KarmaCheck-NoCharismaCheck-NoCountCheck.esp removes the limitation on companions allowing to have as many as are willing to join you, provided you have the appropriate Karma for each.

4. FollowersHireContinued-NoChecks.esp allows you to have as many companions as exist. It also removes the Karma check from obtaining companions.

NOTE: Do not have more then one esp active at a time as they will conflict.


The number of companions you can have in Charisma checks is determined by the calculation below:

Charisma : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Followers : 0 1 1 2 2 3 4 5 6 7

Dogmeat does not count toward this calculation. This should allow for all the characters in original Fallout 3 at a Charisma of 10.

If your Charisma is not high enough to obtain the requested companion you will receive the message: "You can only have one follower at a time." This is not a bug, it is intentional, even if you have 5 followers at the time.



1. Extract the .esp to the Data folder in your installation directory.

3. Set one .esp to active in the Fallout Launcher (make sure the other 3 are not there or not checked)

4. Enjoy.



1. Open up FALLOUT.ini in My Documents\My Games\Fallout 3 with Notepad or other text editor and locate the following line "bInvalidateOlderFiles=0" and change it to bInvalidateOlderFiles=1.

2. Make sure the timestamp on the .esp is more recent than your FO3 installation.

3. If you cannot get the checkmarks to stick in Data Files in the FO3 launcher, locate the following file:
XP: Documents and Settings\[username]\Local Settings\Application Data\Fallout3\plugins.txt
Vista: Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Fallout3\plugins.txt

(The folders might be hidden, so enable "Show hidden files" in your Windows settings.)

If the line "FollowersHire.esp" does not appear, add it *after* "Fallout3.esm", without quotes and on a separate line.



Uncheck any .esp related to this module or delete the .esp files from your Data folder. It is not necessary to undo any "Troubleshooting" changes.


I have tested the mod on all companions to ensure that they will not care about your Karma at joining or rejoining and will not quit if there is a Karma conflict. Please let me know if you find otherwise. I have also tested the Charisma limitations and everything seems to be in order. Obviously, I did not test all the possible combinations of companions and Charisma as there are... hundreds. Please let me know if there are issues.


****This is a continuation of the mod developed by Jalor. All credit should go to him. He developed the Charisma limitation, I just used it, and he removed the Karma limitation on 5 of the possible companions. As of 09/13/2009 "0h Followers Hire" did not have support for Clover or RL-7, in fact, the last time the mod was updated was 12/17/2008. It seemed to me unlikely that Jalor was going to update it and so I have taken the liberty.****


The module does not remove karma from the game.
The module does not affect the game's other processes (like Cross bug, NPC reject based on companions, etc.).
The game will only recognize you as having 0 companions or 1 companion. 1 companion will refer to having companions, whether you have 1 or 100.

NOTE: If you use the Command Console to change your Charisma (player.modav Charisma), the game must 'reload' to recognize the change. Change Zones or use the interface to Wait/Sleep.