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Adds sexy Bikini Armor to the game

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Name: Bikini Armor for TYPE3
Author: Bronson
Version: 1.0
Date: 8/7/2009
Category: Armor


Adds sexy Bikini Armor to the game


Dimon99's Type3 female body replacer...

!Note: This will also work fine if you have Luchaire's TYPE V body replacer installed!

Also, to make the left glove visible, download and install the "Groovatron" mod and use it to "hide" the pipboyglove. Here is the link...

Recommended mods:

Fallout Mod Manager...

Dimon99's Female Small Hands...


To avoid problems with newer patches, i made it so the items automatically get added to your inventory.

The outfit consists of four pieces (armor, necklace, shoulderpads and leg guards).

It's designed to fit the BASEHD variant.

There are three styles to choose from (Brown Leather, Snake Skin and Croc Skin). All three styles are based on textures created by Kendo2 and XunAmarox.

The armor can be repaired using raider armor.

Here is what they are enchanted with...

Armor = +100 carrying weight and +5 Melee Weapons
Necklace = +2 Charisma
Shoulderpads = +2 Perception and +2 Luck
Leg Guards = +25 Fire and +25 Radiation resistance

Here are the AddItem codes incase you want more than one...

(XX = mod index number)

Armor (Brown Leather) = XX000EA8
Armor (Snake Skin) = XX000EA6
Armor (Croc Skin) = XX000EA7
Shoulderpads (Brown Leather) = XX003006
Shoulderpads (Snake Skin) = XX001C0C
Shoulderpads (Croc Skin) = XX003007
Leg Guards (Brown Leather) = XX003003
Leg Guards (Snake Skin) = XX002FFF
Leg Guards (Croc Skin) = XX003005
Necklace = XX000EA9


1. Install Dimon99's TYPE3 Female Body Replacer

2. Extract the meshes folder, textures folder and Bikini_Armor_TYPE3.esp from this file to...
C:/Program Files/Bethesda Softworks/Fallout 3/Data

3. Run Fallout 3, click on "Data Files" and check Bikini_Armor_TYPE3.esp

Tools Used:



Dimon99 for the TYPE3 female body replacer and the Female Small Hands
Kendo2 for the Brown Leather textures
XunAmarox for the Snake and Croc skin textures
Hentai for the boots and the small "bow" mesh on the bra
Exnem for the shoulder pad mesh
Bethesda for creating this great game

Special Thanks to:

The Blender organization
The Niftools team
The Paint.NET developers
Colourless for Nifty
InsanitySorrow for the ReadMe Generator this readme is based on
Bethesda for making the game moddable


You can use this mod freely (For Fallout 3 Only) as long as the authors of any items used are mentioned in your credits.