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Allows the Player to join the Tribals complete the Main Quest in Point Lookout without undergoing a Lobotomy or Hallucinations in the Sacred Bog.

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No Lobotomy Mod for Point Lookout, ver. 0.2 by EdwardNorth

Myself and a few like-minded players did not enjoy the aspect of Point Lookout which forces the player to be violated and undergo a Lobotomy in order to simply progress through the Main Quest. After digging through the related quests and associated dialogue in the G.E.C.K., I developed this mod to allow people to have an additional option of joining the Tribals without ever going to the Bog and doing the ritual to begin with. This allows the Player to complete the Main Quest while being spared from that horrible fate!

To use this Mod you will need to begin from a saved game which is right before speaking to the intercom at the Cathedral for the first time. When you do, if you choose the more "polite" option of speech, there will be an additional option present based on a Charisma speech-check which allows you to convince the Tribals that you are already enlightened enough to be allowed entry without doing their ritual. NOTE: As of this release there should be no hard requirement for a specific Charisma level in S.P.E.C.I.A.L. during the "speech-check", as I didn't want to disclude players who never raised it to a certain point. The check is simply noted as [Charisma] for Roleplaying purposes, as even the least-charasmatic of us can occasionally convince a simple-minded Tribalist that we are indeed their friend... =)

What this mod does --

- Adds the afforementioned "speech-check" to allow the player to enter the Cathedral and continue the Main Quest without ever going to the bog, hallucinating, and being lobotomized.
- Creates a flag to denote if the player was Lobotomized or not.
- Alters some of the dialogue between the player and Jimson, Nadine, and Tobar to reflect the player not being lobotomized, some being based on this flag.
- Sets the player's "Lump of Brain in a jar" to only be enabled if they were lobotomized, thus allowing the player to visit the engine room of the Duchess Gambit without seeing it if they weren't.

With this mod installed, it should still possible to visit the bog, go through the hallucination bit, and be lobotomized if you choose to do so. You are probably better off doing it without the mod installed though so you can get the full dialogue and impact of suffering that fate. The scar and shaved head only show up if you do it, so naturally, they will never appear on your character if you "talk your way in" to the Tribal cult.

I hope you all enjoy this mod. I give full marks to Bethesda for the creativity they put into this entire concept as well as the hilarity of the Hallucination skit, however I didn't want this kind of violation forced on my character. Now we have a choice in the matter!! =)

To install, simply extract the .esp file into your "Fallout 3/Data" folder and activate it in your file or mod manager before launching the game.


This modification may be freely distributed as long as credit is given to myself as the author. You may also freely make changes and tweaks to the mod, and distribute them, again provided that I am credited as the original author of this modification. My thanks and credit goes to Bethesda for making such an enjoyable and easily moddable game!