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Adds a new level of cooking to your Wasteland survival. New books, new house item, new quest perk.

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**note for general discussion on this mod please go to:

**version 1.1 now out, please download this one if you already have v1.0 as it fixes an important bug, see note's below.

**Please endorse this mod to show your thanks and support, once I hit 10 endorsements I'll start work on the first future improvement (listed below)

The VDSC adds a new cooking element to Fallout 3
This mod adds:

1. The Cook-o-matic 3000, a new house item which you can be purchased from the stores in Megaton and Tenpenny.
2. Two new books, The Joy of Cooking for One and How to Eat Rat. Which can be found throughout the Wasteland. Upon reading, you will granted a new recipe to use with the Cook-o-matic 3000.
3. Five new food items, along with the ability to create 2 recipes already in-game (Mississippi Quantum Pie and Mole Rat Wonder Meat).
4. Master Chef, A new quest perk which you gain once collecting all the recipes.
5. Two new loading screens.
6. Plus VDSC-Manual.pdf, game manual (see screenshots for images).


1. Extract the file to your 'Fallout 3/Data/' directory.
2. Ensure the 'Textures', 'Mesh' and 'Sound' folders of this zip file has extracted to to your 'Fallout 3/Data/' directory, if prompted agree to overwrite old files.
3. Go to 'My Documents\My Games\Fallout3' open 'FALLOUT.INI' find the line 'bInvalidateOlderFiles=0' and replace with 'bInvalidateOlderFiles=1', this should only be done if you haven't already modified this line for other mods already. If you don't want to manually change this there are plenty of mod's avaliable to download which do this for you so.
4. From your Fallout 3 Launcher, click DATA FILES check "VDSC.esp".
5. Run Fallout 3.


Once the mod is running in game, all you need to do is head to one of the two stores which sell house goods, either in Tenpenny Towers or Megaton, from there you can purchase the Cook-o-matic 3000. The Cook-o-matic 3000 works just like the workbench or chemistry set, just clicking it to activate it. You can also move the Cook-o-matic 3000 around by picking it up with the Z-key should you wish to relocate it elsewhere in your home.

The Cook-o-matic 3000 can only cook items once you've discovered a recipe. This can be done by reading the Joy of Cooking For One and How to Eat Rat books which are scattered around the Wasteland, you'll have to keep a sharp eye out to find them all. You can also gain recipes by completing quests such as the The Nuka-Cola Challenge. By finding all the recipes you'll also be granted the Master Chef perk, which will triple the amount of food cooked in the Cook-o-matic 3000.

Should this mod prove popular I have several ideas to extend it further.
1: Add a perk which allows you to automatically gain all the recipes (similar to the warmonger perk in Broken Steel) since one of the books is in a time-sensitive location, or just for people who can't track them all down
2: Add a portable version of the Cook-o-matic 3000
3: Add recipes from DLC (such as moonshine) This would be an additional mod file and not part of the current download
4: Add new cooking perks such as the ability to cook from ovens and even milk Brahmin!
5: Ability to upgrade the Cook-o-matic 3000 with your food sanitizer
6: Add flour substitute (such as 'I can't believe it's not Flour') for people who don't own Point Lookout (note that flour is in Fallout 3, but is a rare item, PL just makes it a common item available from a vendor)
7: Add new flour icon to replace it's junk icon
8: Possibly add Cook-o-matic's around the Wasteland for added immersion, even a pristine version in Tranquillity Lane

1. Untick "VDSC.esp" from the DATA FILES section of your Fallout 3 Launcher.
2. Delete "VDSC.esp" from your 'Fallout 3/Data/' directory.


This mod does not require any DLC to work.

This mod modifies both the Tenpenny and Megaton player homes, any mod that also places items in the corner next to the workbench will cause a conflict and should not be used. This mod is designed for vanilla games so will be unbalanced if used with overhaul mods which drastically change the way food replenishes the player's health. Some of the cookbooks appear at time-sensitive events (Trouble on the Homefront) during the game, so it's best to play this mod during a new game to ensure you'll be able to find them all.

If you like this mod then please leave a rating and comment. Should you wish to contact me in person please email me at [email protected] or visit my portfolio website or my webcomic site:

Discussion of this mod can be found at the Bethesda forum: ...

v1.1 - 27.07.09 - Fixed a bug where the Quantum Pie would not show up on the Cook-o-matic 3000 food list despite learning the recipe
v1.0 - 22.07.09 - Initial Release.


Please do not reuse or repackage this mod or any of its files without permission. Should people wish, I can release a master version which can be integrated into your own mods. If you wish to mirror, redistribute or translate this mod then please contact me at [email protected] first.

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