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  1. tiddysuccer
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    Great mod.
  2. Heitorsl
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    My game crashes every time i try to execute it
  3. KainThePheonix
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    I like this mod as the improvement in and around Megaton is noticeable for me. I had some issues at first but within a few minutes I ran normally ever since. Around 2 weeks or more - this is a nice addition to the other lighting mods and so far I have not had any FPS drop - I'm not sure if it has an affect but I also use Fellout and the mod Fellout Brighter Nights. I use the other main lighting mods plus the High Resolution Megaton texture pack plus Fallout sky textures including the Broken Moon re-texture from a separate mod author.


    In addition I use the Performance Enhancer and the Clear Cell Buffers so far nothing including adding the Sprint Mod without using the extra effects. I endorse this file. Thank you!
    1. SGTDRE
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      in your post you mentioned

      "In addition I use the Performance Enhancer and the Clear Cell Buffers"

      Are these mods still around or is it the 3Gb enabler for the FO3 .exe

    2. EvilOssie
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      I think the 'Clear Cell Buffers' is this.
    3. SGTDRE
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      Thank you for info, I downloaded it and will give look see as soon as I get my game up and running.
  4. flo94cody
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    This mod makes crash all my game's saves who takes place in the Megaton map.
  5. AmaccurzerO
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    It looks nice and sutile. Got to try this.
  6. rolatis
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    Tried this mod out. My computer isn't the greatest, but I literally had a 40fps drop in some areas of Megaton. A shame really, since the mod looks awesome ingame.
  7. leapinglizard
    • member
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    Hi guys.

    Re the uneven ground light reflection just after you enter the megaton.

    It seems to be a fallout engine issue perhaps linked to certain graphics cards/drivers. The issue only seems to happen when light sources are added that reflect on sloped ground.

    When I made the mod i tried many combinations of lights and placements to try and solve it but it still remains.

    Ive asked others as well to help solve but the general consensus was unless bethedsa want to fix the way the game engine renders light there is nothing that can be done.

    1. Deathneko11
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      Is it possibly due to too many lights hitting the same mesh? I know that's an issue in skyrim (former realistic lighting overhaul modder here)
    2. leapinglizard
      • member
      • 398 posts
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      Most likely.

      In the end it came down to having no lights in those places or lights that have the uneven reflection. The areas that had the issue were areas that I judged critical to have light eg the entrance ! lol.But I find it barely noticiable. (unless your looking for it of course)
    3. Arkngt
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      Love the mod, but I have to say that this issue is rather hard to NOT notice as the ground flashes from lit to dark when moving or looking about in that area. Wish there was something that could be done about it.

      [Turned out to be rather easy to "fix" by disabling two VaultWhite512 lights by the entrance.]
    4. Nizrael
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      Any chance you could help a n00b out and tell me how to go about disabling those two VaultWhite512 lights by the entrance you mentioned?
    5. Arkngt
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      Sure, but note that it isn't a fix really which is why a put scarecrows around it. It will remove those lights, which means that the mod isn't as the author intended as the super troupers by the entrance won't cast any light on the ground anymore. But everything else remains intact, so you'll get all the excellent lighting changes in the mod except for those two particular lights.

      1. First you need the GECK, so download and install if you don't have it.
      2. Make a backup of megalight.esp in case something goes horribly wrong.
      3. Start up the GECK.
      4. File > Data > check megalight.esp > Set as Active File > OK
      5. View > Cell view window > World Space > MegatonWorld
      6. Highlight MegatonEntrance in the left window
      7. Click EditorID to sort by name in the right window
      8. Find VaultWhite512 > Right-click > Edit > Check Initially Disable > OK
      9. Repeat 6 for the second VaultWhite512
      10. Save. Done.
    6. MaeseAtorrante
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  8. FishNeedles
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    Have you considered converting this to TTW? One issue I have is that Megaton is almost pitch black at night (using Nevada Skies).
    1. RogueSavage
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      I have converted this for TTW for personal use a while back. droped a line to the creator if he wants to release himself or if i may post it.
      We will see what happens.
  9. Train3000
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  10. screemkilla
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    the sky is waaaaaay to bright in my game, i do have ED moods graphics mod installed but is there anyway to make the sky less bright?